The Top 5 Affordable Bohemian Clothing Brands

Now that we’ve fully covered and indulged in luxury bohemian brands, we’re back to tackle more affordable boho brands.

These lower price point items will allow you to buy more and to mix and match. Also, these top 5 brands are geared towards a slightly younger group, so they are super on trend.

         FREE PEOPLE

Everyone’s favorite bohemian brand, Free People, is a brand that maybe you’ve heard of. Always flirty and fun, Free People gets the breezy bohemian spirit of a young woman. Whether you’re out with your girlfriends, hanging by the beach, or getting ready for a date, Free People has an outfit for you.

All the above items are on sale and under $45. Each dress and top can be dressed up or dressed down. Free People knows how to do effortless glam really well. You’ll always be able to throw on an item and immediately dress it up with heels, jewelry, and a statement bag OR you can add a pair of flip flops, put your hair in a messy bun, add a crossbody/wristlet, and look just as beautiful. Get your Free People sale fix here.


Every airy piece of Faithfull The Brand’s collection is created, sourced, and produced in Bali. It doesn’t get more bohemian than that!
This surprisingly affordable brand is worn by many celebrities including Margot Robbie, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bella Hadid, as noted by Bustle. Faithfull’s dresses below are all on sale for under $101. Already reasonably priced, using Shop It To Me is the icing on the cake to score even bigger discounts on the brand.

The girl wearing these dresses is carefree, loving, kind, and notably fashionable. If you’re trying boho clothing for the first time, Faithfull The Brand is the right choice for you. Its pieces are very versatile and look great with a chunky knit thrown over them for those cool Summer nights.


A modern bohemian brand, Tularosa brings its fresh take on boho style and we are 100% here for it.

Frilly, a little frisky, and totally exciting looks are what you can expect from this brand. The highest priced dress seen here is $137 and you can expect to see plenty of options under $50.

Faithfull’s pieces are definitely vacation ready and jetset appropriate. With so many eye-catching pieces, they beg to be photographed. Can you say Insta ready?

          FLYNN SKYE

Made in Los Angeles, Flynn Skye is a sand meets the streets brand. Made for the courageous girl who isn’t afraid to jump from one thing to the next, like from the beach to the city streets, Flynn Skye’s garments will take you there.

Plenty of jumpsuits, floral prints, and dainty frills mixed with sultry silhouettes, this is the ultimate bohemian “it” girl’s brand. Sashay your way and get ready for compliments!

           TIARE HAWAII

You guessed it, Tiare Hawaii is a Hawaiian based bohemian clothing company, and all of it’s garments are handmade in Bali. Inspired by the ocean, beaches, nature and travel, Tiare Hawaii makes cute, yet affordable, boho chic looks. Besides these adorable dresses, which by the way, the third pink dress is reversible, Tiare Hawaii also makes embroidered cover-ups, bright colored sarongs, flattering jumpsuits, and bohemian printed wide leg pants. Established in Hawaii, we wouldn’t expect anything different from this brand.

Free Spirited Fashion Tips

Now that you’ve encountered 5 fabulous bohemian brands at great prices, we have some fun styling tips for you:

  • Never be afraid to pair any boho look with super simple flat sandals. The less fussy, the better. And straps are definitely a yes
  • If you opt to wear a heel, kitten or block heels look the best with bohemian looks
  • Add a hat for a rocker-chic vibe
  • Don’t drag along a big or heavy bag. Think small shoulder bags, mini bags, or crossbodys
  • It’s fun to layer gold jewelry to any boho look
  • A little self tanner goes a long way
  • Keep your hair and makeup simple
  • Add sunglasses to top off your easy going look

We truly hope you enjoyed reading this article on the top 5 affordable bohemian clothing brands!