Anti-Leggings aka The Best Sweatpants

So the title might be a little misleading here. We aren't actually a bunch of loco legging-haters, but this year we're envisioning our legs in something a little more substantial rather than our usual go-to leggings— we're talking about sweatpants.

Pro sweats if you will, 2021's sweatpants, look, dare we say, dressier than usual? There's a certain swagger that comes along with enrobing in a fabulous pair of sweatpants, and we aren't afraid to admit that.

Sweatpants definitely have an artista/street style vibe about them, and it's undeniably more about the person donning them, rather than the sweatpants themselves, that make them appear tres chic. So what we're trying to say here is that anyone, even you, can pull off sweatpants in style. Open up your inner confidence and your mind and take our outlook on sweatpants seriously.

Top fashion app, Shop It To Me, has thousands of sweats in its sartorial database, and here on the blog is where we'll curate and discuss the best sweatpants for 2021.

Keep scrolling ladies, it's time to get acquainted with some dangerously stylish sweatpants ....

It's ACCEPTABLE to splurge on sweatpants that you'll actually wear the crap out of

Buying 1 pair of expensive designer sweats is better than buying 3 cheaper pairs of actual trousers or work pants and never wearing them.

At the rate 2021 is going, the usage per pair of sweatpants is real, and at this rate, these sweatpants practically pay for themselves.

Not sweatpants per se, but these floral Dolce & Gabbana track pants do have a drawstring and cuffs at the bottom like your favorite sweats, and dammit these might even be comfier. Keep in mind that pull-on pants are a top trend for 2021.

Here's another pair of stylish sweatpants by Dolce & Gabbana. A black blazer is the perfect topper to these crisp colorblocked sweats. Wear a black or white basic tee or tank underneath. Finish styling with a pair of chunky sandals.

R13's harem sweatpants are a vibe all on their own, you're just going to bring them to life. Wear a body-hugging top (tucked in) or even easier— a bodysuit, and then add an unbuttoned flannel shirt as seen on the model. Wear heels or sneakers with this streetwear inspired outfit.

Logomania is still lingering around, and we're not mad at it! These Alexander Wang side striped sweatpants look like your boyfriend's baggy denim, but they carry a hell of a lot more style.

Yes, you're viewing a pair of sophisticated sweatpants right here! These 3.1 Phillip Lim sweatpants feature a thick black sash, alluding to a more refined vibe. If there was ever a thing close to the idea of tuxedo sweats, these would be it.

Moschino's black and gold graphic printed track pants still count as sweatpants for the purposes of this blog post! They are made of poly, but they definitely look and feel more like a sweatpant. Top these stylish sweatpants off with a black leather jacket for the full effect.

Why wear skinny jeans or leggings when you can wear hyper stylish sweatpants this year? These 100% cotton rag & bone 'miramar' sweatpants mimic baggy denim and add some serious fuel to the anti-skinny jeans and anti-leggings movements.  

Feeling innocent? Throw on these sweet Cynthia Rowley floral ribbon designed sweatpants and add some pink blush with a matching gloss.

Trending workout wear brand Varley kills it with these two-toned neutral sweatpants. Wear with a chunky sweater and a cute pair of ballerina flats.

Did you know that tailored skinny / cigarette sweatpants are a thing? rag & bone's cream cropped pair send off posh and preppy vibes. Beige is the new black, have your heard?

Last but not least on our anti-leggings aka the best sweatpants for 2021 list are these Jonathan Simkhai cargo sweatpants. Made from 100% organic cotton, these sustainable sweatpants deserve a spot in your closet.

2021's Stylish Sweatpants

We don't think it's a stretch at all to call sweatpants chic, and we hope that we've proved this point within this blog post!

Think of all the use you'll get out of a chic yet cozy pair of sweats vs those numerous pairs of skinny jeans you've purchased throughout the years and never wore!

Instead of putting on a worn out pair, or some dreary off-black leggings, throw on a cute pair of sweatpants and head out the door, and look surprisingly put together.

Want more? Browse tons of fashionable sweatpants on award-winning website Shop It To Me and tell your friends about it!