Beige and black are the same but different.

The same mysterious and slimming qualities you love about donning an all black ensemble are still found in a creamy beige look.

With Spring/Summer approaching, maybe it's time to put some of your go-to black clothes on the back-burner and facilitate some new oatmeal colored pieces into your working wardrobe.

Think garments like biscuit colored straight leg denim, and colored perfect-fitting tees, blazers, blouses, and other variants of beige colored clothing. The same goes for shoes and accessories. Ditch your classic black pumps and your favorite black strappy sandals and slide into something more lightweight and ecru colored.

Here's how fashion App and website Shop It To Me sees beige as the new black...


Besides the recent work from home culture, luxury athleisurewear has really evolved. The late Karl Lagerfeld once stated that "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." While sweatpants were never considered chic nor sexy, we can see why the former Creative Director of Chanel would come to that conclusion.

But today, matching sweat sets take on a whole new vibe and translate more into luxe than lazy. Here are some exceptionally stunning beige garments that prove that an all black everything outfit has met its new competition.


Another beige is the new black vibe, is the itty bitty teeny weeny beige bikini! Sure, black bikinis will always be a classic, but tan tinted swimwear has a certain je ne sais quoi to it that makes it sultry and appealing to look at on the body against bare skin.


Skinny black jeans will always be a staple in our closets, but for the upcoming Spring/Summer months, beige is the new black when it comes to our denim choices.


Having a barely-there effect on our feet, we love the way that a cream colored shoe just melts on our foot. For darker skin beauties, your beige tone may look a little bit different if you're going for a next to skin colored look. From pale porcelain to dark espresso, there's a "beige" for everybody— literally.


Tired of only wearing your rotating collection of the same black style bags? If you don't want to dip your hand into the random color pool, go for a French baguette colored bag instead.

50 Shades Of Beige

As you've probably noticed by now, and probably assumed on your own before even viewing all of our beige choices, there is more than 1 shade of beige.

Some woman think beige is boring, mundane, or outdated, to which we say beige is bright, classy, inspiring, luxurious, multidimensional, exciting, and FUN to play around with.

By our standards, beige is truly the new black for 2021 and we're not backing down from our claims!

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