Frame jeans are an iconic choice in the world of denim. Known for its quality and attention to detail, the LA-based Frame brand has become one of the most coveted denim labels around the globe. Founded in 2012, Frame has spent much of the last decade carving its name as a denim essential for every jean lover. And while the Frame jeans price point reflects the higher level of quality, there are still plenty of affordable styles and options.

Frame knows denim cuts. Let’s take a look at a couple of the brand’s key styles.

Frame Skinny Jeans

An eternal classic that will always look good, Frame skinny jeans remain some of the best skinny jeans around. Made with high quality denim with just the right amount of stretch, style yours with literally any look.

Frame Straight Leg Jeans

The ‘new skinny’ jeans, straight-leg cuts are a modern way to do a more slouchy fit. Worn with anything from sneakers to heeled mules, Frame straight leg jeans are best styled with a sharp tailored blazer.

Frame Flare Jeans

The shape that has made a serious comeback over the last few seasons is the flare and boot cut. And there’s no-one that it quite like Frame flare jeans. High waisted and effortlessly flattering to all body shapes, the flare – and less exaggerated, boot cut – is the classic that keeps on giving.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Frame Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of Frame jeans depending on several factors.

• See our blog all about finding the perfect jeans for your body type to help with what best will suit your shape.

• Consider what you have in your wardrobe already? What job will these jeans serve for you?

• Think about color. Do you have plenty of black but not enough blue? Invest here.

• Will you be wearing these casually mostly? Or do you like to dress your jeans up. This might affect the style that you’ll get most wear out of.

How to Care for Your Frame Jeans

Your denim is some of your most hard-working clothing. Most people wear them more than anything else in their closets and style them up for everything from a dog walk to a girl’s night out and everything in between. So, they deserve to be looked after well. Right?

And it’s not difficult to care for your Frame denim properly. Meaning it lasts even longer and looks brand-new season after season. Here are our top tips to care for your Frame jeans.

• Don’t wash them as much! You really don’t need to throw your denim into the wash after every wear or two. You can actually get much longer out of them between washes, which helps to maintain the structure and quality of the denim fabric.

• Wash your Frame jeans inside out and on a cool wash.

• Air dry your denim instead of getting tempted to rush the process with a tumble dryer. The heat of a tumble dryer will damage the fibers of the denim over time which speeds up the fabric’s aging process. Which means they just won’t last as long!

• Store them smart. It’s tempting to fold denim but left folded for long periods of time and it can be damaging to the denim. Instead use clip hangers to hang them full-length or if you’d rather have them away in drawers or storage boxes, then roll instead of folding to prevent sharp lines in the denim.

Frame Jeans Sizing

Frame jeans are made true to size. Although some reviews state they run slightly small, the sizing is also pretty accurate as they run with odd sizes included from size 23 to 34. Because of the inclusion of these odd sizes, if you’re usually a 30, you have the option to size up to 31 for a touch of extra space without hopping up a full size to 32.

If you're not sure which size is going to work for you, here's a simple jeans sizing chart with dresses vs jean sizes to help!

Remember, these are average sizes and it might be best to measure your shape before buying to be sure.


To make finding the perfect pair of FRAME jeans even easier, we’ve collated a couple of our most asked questions.

Is there ever a Frame jeans sale?

Yes, absolutely! And the best place to shop it? Shop It To Me. We currently have Frame denim from a huge selection of retailers including FARFETCH, Intermix, Nordstrom, Saks and The Outnet, So, if you’re on the hunt for a Frame sale, we’re the place to look for it. Just filter your Shop It To Me search to ‘On Sale’ and you’ll get the full selection from all our retailers in seconds.

How to wash Frame jeans?

It’s always best to wash jeans inside out and on a cooler wash. This helps to maintain the fibers of the denim so they last as long as possible.

How much are Frame jeans?

In general, Frame denim tends to come in at around the $200 mark. This puts it at a premium denim price point. But remember, when shopping through Shop It To Me, you’ll find plenty of Frame jeans on sale for less than $50-60 so don’t miss out.