What To Wear On A Hike

If you came across this page thinking nothing about fashion and everything about hiking, you're either going to be pleasantly surprised or really confused. We're joking. There's nothing confusing about functional fashion.

Hiking: But Make It Chic

Yes we want to go hiking, but yes we also want to look cute doing it. There's nothing more important than comfort during a hike, but a close second comes your appearance. No matter what you tell yourself, you're not going to feel good doing anything if your outfit is something that you're not proud of / wouldn't want to be seen in— yes, even if by a stranger (we know this from experience).

So what does a stylish hiking outfit look like? Think all the essentials of traditional hiking clothes but just elevated to a higher level of sleek and chic. . .

A good pair of hiking shoes

Necessary. Have you heard of a little brand called Columbia? Columbia sportswear is known for some of the best hiking gear in the business, so when searching Shop It To Me for hiking shoes, we knew the name— but can Columbia be chic?

(click the image and hit 'go to site' - this boot is available in all sizes)

Surely there are tons more hiking boots online, and you can search Shop It To Me for them. Trust us, it's easy and fast shopping. Sign-up for free, decide what you want to see, and start shopping. Shop It To Me is modern, puts everything into one place, and focuses on sales.

Btw these Columbia hiking boots are cushioned, offer ankle support, and are fully waterproof. And, the idea of the Columbia hiking shoes seen above is to match them with your outfit— actually multiple outfits. This color palette is fun and allows for a range of neutrals and blues, even yellows, to be worn with them.

We could have chosen black and white, which they do come in, but that wouldn't be as fun/challenging.

Let's focus on the other aspects that fall into what to wear hiking, shall we?

Moisture-wicking bottoms

It's important for whatever pair of bottoms you pick to be multifaceted. Our above-pick by Nylora is made from high-performance moisture-wicking fabric, has contrasting mesh panels for breathability, and they are high waisted for extra comfort. We know our blue and yellow Columbia hiking shoes look cute with this pair of "hiking pants".

Clearly we are talking about day hikes here, we are not backpacking pros going on overnight hiking trips, we are just the average woman going on a moderate day hike.

p.s. We like to wear long leggings on our hikes in case any bugs or brush rub up against us— we won't auto freak out. But do know that long pants are not a necessity, just a personal preference.

Check out our "Best Workout Clothing Brands" for more high performing pieces.

We like to lay it on THIN

Which any hiker knows is the ultimate key to a successful hike. Maybe it's going to rain, maybe it's going to get chilly, or maybe we just want options.

If you think the expected weather conditions could imply rain, it's better safe than sorry to incorporate a water-resistant outer layer into your hiking outfit. Plan ahead and be prepared with a packable windproof rain jacket like this one by Tory Sport. Tie it around your waist if you don't want to pack it, it's a personal preference.

Regarding a tank top, which is important when layering, we prefer one that has a quick drying aspect like Splits59 moisture-wicking tank top:

The same goes for any short sleeve t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt, we want our hiking ensemble to have as many moisture-wicking properties as possible. Yes, even our base layers and sports bras.

Remember: moisture-wicking everythingggggg.

Not exactly sure what that means? We didn't really have a clue until we read Shape's article on 10 Fitness Fabrics Explained. In the case of moisture-wicking wear, synthetic materials are your best friend.

Merino wool socks in the Summer ?

Seems backward but sometimes opposites attract. Wool is smart and merino wool is the optimal fabric for your hiking socks. Merino wool will keep your feet dry and temperature controlled, keeping them cool in warm weather and toasty in cold conditions.

AND funny fact: one of our stylists bought a bunch of these socks just to wear around the house because of the intense cushioning. Sometimes a hardwood floor is really hard on the foot!

Hence, Merrell is the top wool sock brand for hiking and we totally approve.

How's your packing list looking?

So we started with some funky sneakers, but understand that we have everyone's personal preference in mind, and every item of hiking clothing that we mentioned can be found in a variety of colors and Shop It To Me carries all the top brands.

Don't forget to bring a sleek pair of sunglasses for your day hike, uv rays can ruin a hike if you're stuck squinting all the time. And, also remember to bring along some all natural SPF for added sun protection.

Now you're all set for your fabulous hike! Maybe you'll bring along a furry friend? Don't forget water for both you and your pet!