What to Pack for A Winter Vacation

If you’re heading out on any sort of winter vacation this year – lucky you!! We LOVE a winter vacation here at Shop It To Me and whether that’s a relaxing countryside escape or a winter city break, there are certain items you can pack to make styling yourself once you’re away easier than ever. Here, we’re looking at some of our stylist’s top tips on what to pack for a winter vacation.

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Sounds good, right?

Make packing for a winter trip easy with our straightforward packing tips.

Choose Lightweight Knitwear

Packing chunky, heavy jumpers and cardigans might feel like the right thing to do when you’re heading somewhere cold. However, this can be the total wrong thing to pack. Actually, when you’re heading on a winter vacation, it’s all about packing clothing that you can layer.

Not only does this give you the ability to mix and match and create multiple outfits from the same pieces but it also makes it easy to choose the exact right amount of warmth you think you need once you arrive at your destination.

Lightweight layers are also great because if you’re traveling a lot, getting in and out of taxis or the subway, you can simply remove your heaviest layer (your coat) and you won’t be too warm.

Choose luxe fabrics that will keep you snug but won’t be overkill and pack a couple of different styles and colors for every occasion.

Choose One Coat That Goes with Everything

Realistically, you only need one coat, which you should wear on the flight. It’s a real waste of space to pack another coat so if you choose well, you can wear just one over and over and style it differently depending on where you’re going.

Choose a thick fabric and longline style so you don’t have to wear too much underneath. This way it’s super easy to take off and on when you’re on the move and just have your lightweight knitwear underneath. Also, think about what you’ll be doing in the day and at night and make sure your coat choice is appropriate. If you’re likely to head out to nice dinners and get a little dressed up, choose a dressier coat and just be smarter in the day (nothing wrong with that!) and leave your puffer coats at home.

Wear Your Boots on The Flight

Boots are great for walking around all day on a winter city break. If you do want heavy boots, it’s best just to wear them on the flight so they don’t add too much weight to your case. You can always take them off on the plane and switch to cozy socks on a long-haul.

Choose classic styles that pair with anything from jeans and leather pants to skirts and dresses to give yourself as many options as possible when you get to your destination.

Then also pack sneakers and heels in your suitcase depending on what you’ll be doing on your trip. Keep your choices simple so that you don’t have to take more than one pair of each if you’re packing light. Flats like loafers and ballerina flats don’t usually come in as usefully as you would think as your feet are exposed and therefore cold, so skip these styles and stick to shoes you can layer with socks. A classic pair of white sneakers go with everything – just make sure they’re not brand new and that you know you can walk all day in them without needing a Band-Aid! Black or nude heels will go with all your outfits and make life easy for you.

Add A Lightweight Anorak

It may not sound like the most glamorous choice but if you head somewhere and it happens to rain the entire time, you can’t let it ruin your whole trip (or your whole wardrobe!). So, a lightweight anorak can be super handy. Plus, right now, they’re really on-trend. This kind of jacket can roll up super small so doesn’t take up much room in your case or it can just as easily be squeezed into your handbag as a last-minute (yet clever) add-on.

Don’t Forget Winter Accessories

Your accessories are important so don’t forget them! If it’s going to be super cold wherever you’re headed, remember to pack warm gloves and a scarf so that the weather never stops you from doing any exploring. Also – remember to always pack cozy, fluffy socks even if it’s to cuddle up in your hotel room at the end of the day!

Regardless of temperature, sunglasses finish any outfit with a touch of extra style so remember to pack a chic pair. Classic styles like aviators or wayfarers go with any style outfit. If you want something a little more on-trend, opt for some super-chic cat-eyes for a more edgy finish to your look.

Vacay Flannels

Flannels can be a great choice for a winter vacation if they’re your style because they’re good for layering, they’re not too warm but they are more snuggly than a simple long sleeve t-shirt. Keep to classic colors that pair with both black or jeans and even tie one around your waist just in case you’re cold later in the day and forget it’s there until you need it.

Oversized styles have an on-trend edge and this could also make it easier to share with your significant other!

Thermals Got Cool

When you think about thermal clothing, it sounds dated and old-school. But if you’ve not really looked into thermal stuff recently, you might have missed that now, thermals are cool. There’s a whole wealth of options now and designs for this winter are so chic you can’t even tell that they’re thermal. So, if you’re planning to head somewhere super cold and might need a little extra help for your winter vacation, add a couple of thermal pieces to your luggage to make sure you can withstand as much sightseeing as you like, no matter what the temperature.

Tips for Packing Smart

It’s all well and good knowing what you want to bring for a winter vacation, but what about actually getting everything into your case? Here are a few tips for packing as smart as possible and making sure you can take as much as you like!

·     Plan Ahead

Tempting as it is, especially if you don’t like packing, don’t just start to throw things into your open case on your bed. This is where you’ll start to pack things you won’t wear, you won’t make the best use of the space, and you’ll end up forgetting something important. Plan ahead.

Lay out the things you’re planning on taking so that you can start to visualize outfits that you’ll actually wear. You’ll then see items that you probably don’t need and you can move them to the bottom of your priorities and only take them if you definitely have room.

·     Choose Your Airport Outfit Wisely

Your airport outfit isn’t going to be weighed. So, use this to your advantage and wear your heaviest items. If you’re taking heavy boots, wear them. Need jeans? Wear them to the airport and if it’s a long-haul flight, take leggings to switch to in your handbag for the journey. Also, choose your airport handbag wisely and you won’t even have to bring another one with you.

·     Pack Combinable Pieces

If planning a complete outfit for each day isn’t your thing, pack lots of combinable items that you know can be easily mixed and matched to create a selection of different outfits and then you’ll never be left with the dreaded nothing-to-wear dilemma.

·     Roll Instead of Folding

Rolling your clothes really does help you save space in your suitcase. It also leaves your clothes less wrinkled when you unpack at your destination. If you decide to roll pack instead of folding, it’s even more important to plan ahead because you won’t be able to see what you’ve packed until you unpack so you need to plan ahead to make sure you remember everything. Rolling also allows you to squeeze lightweight, fine fabric items into every space of your bag without too much creasing.

·     Use Your Shoes & Bags

Lastly, use your shoes and bags when packing by filling them with smaller items. Not only does this mean that every space in your suitcase is being smartly filled but it also keeps your accessories in shape and stops them from getting squashed and therefore, creased.

Get ready for your winter vacation with just a little bit of extra forward-thinking and you can make the most of your space and have the ingredients to your chicest winter outfits yet. Need a little extra shopping inspo? Check out our top 15 essentials list for a chic and timeless wardrobe this season.