15 Staple Fashion Essentials That Should Be in Everyone’s Closets

Wardrobe staples, fashion essentials, basics. Whatever you call them, they’re the global standard of clothing items that create the perfect canvas to every stylish outfit. Think of it this way, if you could only have 15 items in your wardrobe ever again, would you still buy the sequin red dress that you thought about wearing once but didn’t but keep it in your wardrobe because “one day maybe I’ll wear it”? Probably not, right?

And while we still believe there is a place in the world for a beautiful sequin red dress. It’s certainly not an essential.

Let’s also look at the word basic. “Basic” has got a bad rap of late. Being called basic is pretty much like being called boring. Or a crowd-follower. BUT basics when it comes to fashion are so important. And if you ever pay much attention to a super-chic French woman’s wardrobe, you’ll see that it is full to the brim with white tees and Breton stripe tops that form the basics of a ridiculously cool wardrobe.

So, today we’re looking at fashion essentials. Call us basic. We don’t care!

With these fashion staples in your life, you’ll always be able to put together an outfit that feels polished, chic and slightly edgy. Staples curve a little with trends in terms of cuts and fits but they pretty much stay the same, which means you should be investing a little more so that you get a quality item that lasts season after season.

Using our trusty Shop It To Me platform, we’ve selected all of these basics in a good quality, premium standard. And just to add – everything in this essentials list is on SALE with up to 70% off the original RRP.

We’re also just focusing on clothes today so this is 15 items without accessories which we’ll come back to later!

The Goes-With-Everything White T-Shirt

Just about as basic as it gets but a beautifully fitting, high-quality thick-cotton white t-shirt is an absolute essential when it comes to your wardrobe each and every season. You’ll be styling it with every bottom in this list and it’s a super-easy way to be a bit more casual at work without anyone really noticing!

The Rock n Roll Graphic Tee

A new entry into the world of the staple. But it’s definitely here and we think it’s staying. A graphic, slightly oversized tee is the detail you need if your staple white tee isn’t quite cutting it for you.

The Long Sleeve Breton Stripe Top

Breton stripes in white and blue or even white and red will always be a chic choice and give your wardrobe a slight touch of French style which will never be a bad thing. They just know what they’re doing when it comes to style over there!

The Silky Shirt

Whatever color you go for here is totally up to you but a silky satin shirt is the key point. You can opt for classic black or white which will always go down well or even a soft neutral nude color which injects a touch more sex appeal. Alternatively, you can opt for a print which adds color and detail if you like that.

You might think silk shirts are workwear but that’s only the beginning. Yes, they pair well with tailored trousers or skirts for work or even under a dress but they also work stylishly with any and all jeans, midi and maxi skirts and even dress up your chic joggers (see the last item on the list!). Trust us, you’ll wear this item so much more than you think!

The Perfect Fit Black Blazer

Even if you don’t wear much black and have never worn a blazer before, get the right one for your style and shape and you’ll never look back!

Blazers are so good because they instantly dress up any outfit. The most casual and basic of outfits – blue jeans, white trainers and a white tee – looks instantly edgy and cool with the addition of a black blazer. It just works.

The Straight Leg Jeans

Vintage-inspired and not too tight but not too loose, the straight leg jean is the chicest piece of denim in the fashion world right now. They work with all shapes, they can be styled with sneakers as well as your most dressy heels. You can team them with a hoodie or a silk shirt or dress them up with a lace bra or cami or bodysuit.

The denim wash is best kept classic – not too light wash but definitely blue (Although, if you can stretch to 2 pairs, get this style in black too!).

The Chic Tailored Trousers

If you don’t work in an office, you might be thinking you have no space in your life for tailored trousers so this one is totally up to you. But not only do smart tailored trousers look beautiful and elegant in the workplace, but they also make any casual combo instantly more refined and polished.

Add them to a crewneck sweater or hoodie and style them with simple white Adidas classic sneakers and it is weekend style with a definite edge.

The Camel Crewneck

Simple, classic and goes with everything. Opt for a nice snug fit and treat yourself to cashmere – but take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible!!

Style this with anything from blue, black or white jeans to tailored trousers or midi skirts for literally every occasion.

THE Black Dress

Entering into a little mini serious of black now but a few black pieces are important simply because they always look chic, they can be dressed up and down instantly AND they go with everything else. Simple.

You will have heard of the LBD – little black dress- to death. But that’s because we all need one. And not necessarily because it goes with everything because let’s be honest, a black dress doesn’t go with everything. But every woman should have one in their wardrobe that instantly makes them feel amazing. When you’re having a wardrobe meltdown 10 minutes after you were supposed to leave the house, you need that black dress hanging in your closet saying – I’m here, put me on and leave.

Plus, choose the right one and you can wear with heels or sandals or sneakers. You can then make it your own with the right jewelry, bag, belt, and any other extras!

THE Black Biker

We’ve always stated the importance of a black leather biker jacket. Everyone suits them and everyone who tries one on instantly feels a little cooler. Wear it with a hoodie and joggers or over an evening gown. It’s literally that versatile.

The Black Hoodie

This one will depend on your personal style and if you’re not a hoodie person you might be thinking, huh, when will I wear that!?

If this is you, choose a lightweight, cropped style (not too cropped, just up to the waistline of your jeans instead of hip length). We promise you’ll find it so much more useful than you think! You can do it with jeans, dress down a midi or maxi skirt or dress, make your tailored trousers more casual and layer it with your biker jacket, your blazer, AND a camel coat! See!?

The World’s Most Flattering Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts and dresses are just the world’s most flattering invention. Plus, we could have added dresses here but skirts are just slightly more versatile and easy to style casual or dressy. You could opt for black or camel here or do a print. If you do a print, stick to classic prints that won’t go out of style, like leopard or polka dot.

The Slimline Bodysuit

Bodysuits layer with so much. The right one keeps everything sucked in and smooth and you’ll find yourself styling with jeans, trousers and skirts. Easy and staple. Essential, basically. ;)

The Smart Jogger

Joggers!? What!? But yes, joggers. But smart. So, opt for chunky knit fabrics and more fitted cuts. Trust us, not only are they incredibly comfortable but they’re the perfect versatile piece for so many uses. Wear them with sandals or sneakers to travel to the airport or run errands. Wear them with loafers or smart mules to work. Wear them with strappy sandal heels for date night with a bodysuit or lace camisole.

Seriously, wear joggers to work, we dare you!

The Camel Coat

If you can only ever have one coat, a camel coat is the one to go for. It goes with everything in your wardrobe ever and doesn’t leave you feeling overpowered by a cloak of black or navy. Plus, camel coats done right just look more expensive than other coats.

See, essentials aren’t boring if you do them right.

Update your wardrobe with these key items and you’ll be surprised at how much of your current closet will come to life in a whole new way. Shop high-quality premium high-street brands or even designer with a discount with a little help from Shop It To Me, the platform that’s here for fashion lovers all over the world. Sign up today to start shopping AND start saving with every fashion purchase from now on.