This Summer’s Biggest Shoe Trends & How to Wear Them

If you’re anything like us, you love shoes. Are we right?

Kitten heels, chunky sneakers, combat boots, whatever the newest shoe trend, we wanna get our mitts them on them asap. Which is why it very much helps to sale shoe shop as much as possible.

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The spring shoe trends that have now become summer staples have been diverse. We’ve been seeing lots of strappy sandals (think ultimate ‘90s style) and then flip reverse it and the biggest sneaker trend is huge chunky “ugly dad sneakers”.

So, basically, there really is something for everyone!

Although you might not be obsessed with the feathers that hit the runway with the likes of Valentino and Dries Van Noten or you can’t really imagine yourself in the insanely high platform heels of Miu Miu and Jacquemus, there were some designers giving us all the inspo we need at fashion week. Highlights? We LOVED the faux croc mules from Chloé, teaching us to never be afraid of a pop of color as well as the pinks from Fendi and we’re always a fan of seeing all the flats on the runway in place of impossible high styles.

Today, we’d thought we’d have a little run down on what exactly are the biggest shoe fashion trends of the season, where you can get your hands on the styles and how to style them.

Ready? Let’s go.

Naked Shoes

Some call them naked shoes, some call them barely there. However you like to title it, the naked shoe is here and even though there’s not much to it, there is SO much to it! These naked shoes are super-duper strappy and might be lace-up on the leg or simple two straps on the foot but all straps are narrow and effortless.

Wear these in replacement of your regular autumn/winter office shoes with tailored pants or midi skirts or chuck your foot-aching stilettos to the back of the closet (just for now) and wear them with your best distressed jeans for the ultimate smart casual girl’s night out look.

Another great thing about these shoes is their versatility. Maxi dresses, minis, pants or shorts, they dress absolutely everything up without the pain of your usual heels. Here are just a few that we love.

Square Toes

They come in the form of kitten heel strappy sandals, ankle boots, leather mules and even slingback pumps. What do they all have in common? It’s the return of the square toe. Square toes were big on the runway with the likes of Balenciaga offering up some seriously cool heeled ankle boots and Fendi serving color pops like never before.

When it comes to choosing the right styles for your summer square-toe shoes, opt for the most angular ones you can find and if you can match it up with an angular, abstract-looking heel, you know you’re on to a winner. Plus, don’t think that this look is for closed toe pumps and boots only. Blend two trends in one and grab yourself some seriously strappy square toe sandals and let everyone know you’ve been paying attention to the runway!

And finally these beauts from Fendi and Prada because we couldn't resist!

Sporty Comfy Sandals

Now, this is a trend we’re not mad at even a bit! Instead of the usual hard-to-walk-in slip-on sandals that look beaut but make you want to throw them in the nearest New York trash can and walk the rest of the way home in bare feet, these babies are literally the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever tried.

They’re ultra-sporty and packed with branding and logos and they’ve been done by everyone from Prada to high street giants in the sports world, Nike and Adidas. Plus, people are wearing them with way more than a sporty athleisure vibe. The look brims from the classic Teva shape sandal, which could be seen by many as a super-practical sandal (maybe even a mom or dad sandal) BUT it’s a vibe and if you dare to try, you might just love it.

Team yours up with anything from mom jeans to maxi dresses and discover the absolute joy in a shoe trend that feels like slippers.

Shoes with Clarity

We’ve been seeing shoes and accessories with a little plastic or Perspex for a couple of seasons now but this spring and summer, clear strap shoes are giving it large and it’s all about the kitten heel and wedge sole styles.

Dress up your favorite jeans with these shoes because the clear strap balances light-wash denim perfectly and it makes any super casual look feel instantly more Barbie-like!

These sandals with a clear strap from Jeffrey Campbell nail the trend in one look. It’s all about the white too!

And yes, we know what you're thinking but these are actually back and people are loving them!!

Statement Shoes

If the minimal naked shoe isn’t your bag and you like a little more punch when it comes to what you wear on your feet, don’t worry, there’s definitely a shoe trend for you. Enter statement shoes. And by statement shoes, we don’t mean bright red or neon yellow. We mean shoes that could easily be mistaken for a work of art and usually, with some serious detail happening at the heel.

Search the likes of ShopBop on Shop It To Me for statement shoes that won’t cause your credit card too much damage!

Dad Sneakers

Sorry if you’re bored of the of dad sneaker, but it’s such a huge trend that we couldn’t do a whole blog about summer shoe trends without the mention of them!

They’re big, bulky and chunky and some are even super heavy but women all over the world are loving huge dad sneakers and whether you want to invest in the dizzying heights of the Balenciaga’s or some more budget-friendly high street dupes, it might just about be time to get on board.

This season, scrap the look with jeans or track pants and wear them with short ditzy mini dresses or simple t-shirt dresses for summer vibes with a bottom-heavy twist.

We'll just leave these Balenciagas here. Just in case.

Fashion and shoe trends tend to come and go in quick succession. Styles like super platform sandals and cowboy boots can be a tricky investment as you’ll never be sure that they’ll be around long enough to get good use out of them. But this season, there are a fair few trends that we can see hanging around for a little longer than your usual seasonal trend.

From naked leather sandals to this season’s biggest sneaker, grab yourself one or more of the summer shoe trends that were designed to last. Sign up to Shop It To Me today to find even more options and if you’re lucky, you’ll find exactly what you want with a little bit (or a lot!!) of the price tag shaved off!