How to Nail The ‘90s Fashion Trends’ Comeback

From mom jeans to platform shoes and crop tops, ‘90s style has been creeping into our current trends more and more over the last few seasons and the fashion pack is loving it. Whether you look at red carpet style or New York street style, ‘90s outfits are popping up in the form of Nirvana graphic t-shirts, Gwen Stefani-inspired combat boots and bomber jackets and sports luxe fanny packs with a hip hop edge.

So today, (because we’re all about a trend and who doesn’t love a comeback!?) let’s take a look at 1990s fashion and the major trend pieces that have found their way well and truly back on the scene in today’s women’s fashion.

We LOVE this look!

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'90s Fashion Must-Haves

Slip Dresses

Think half Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and half Kate Moss and you’ve nailed it. Slip dresses are a HUGE part of fashion right now and we’re seeing them from everyone from Alexander Wang on the runway to Topshop for under $50. Powder pink, gothic black, icy white. Whatever you like, these dresses are satin, lingerie-inspired and come mini, midi and maxi for all.

How to Wear It

Slip dresses are the heart of layering. They look unreal when worn solo with just heels or sneakers. BUT, they also layer under leather jackets, cropped hoodies or knitwear AND over t-shirts, sweaters, button-ups and anything else you can think of!

Band T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts were huge, in general, in the ‘90s and again now but when it comes to band tees, this extends into a whole other level. Whether you were into rock n roll back then or not, now is the time to consider yourself a fan of the bands and grab yourself a rugged tee with or without added distress.

How to Wear It

The best thing about the band tee trend is you can do it your own way. Keep it simple with mom jeans, wear it with a metallic sequin mini skirt or pair it with your smartest and chicest two-piece trouser suit. It just works with everything.

The designers are going hard on this look which means you can spend a pretty $$$ if you like that luxe vibe. But don’t worry, the high street has your back with vintage-inspired options too.

Crop Tops

Close your eyes and picture The Spice Girls. If you don’t see a crop top in sight, you’ve got it wrong. Crop tops were HUGE in the ‘90s and they’ve come back harder than ever before now. From cutesy and ditsy prints to sporty Adidas vibes, crops are tight, spaghetti-strapped and come in every color and print out there.

How to Wear It

In the ‘90’s crop tops were paired with low-slung, wide-leg jeans and sneakers. But that’s a little too high school now and the look has definitely evolved. Showing a little less skin, team a crop top with anything high-waisted from denim to sweatpants and team with your choice of leather jacket, denim jacket or oversized boyfriend shirt.  

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Flannel Shirts & Denim

Not sure if a button-down flannel shirt is ‘90s enough for you? Picture it with denim (either high-waist jeans or shorts) and worn open over a crop top. On the right track now?

How to Wear It

As mentioned above, there’s definitely a ‘90s way to wear a flannel shirt which avoids any sort of preppy look. Keep your thoughts grunge and wear open over a tank or tube top or even over your favorite graphic band tee.

Keep it super oversized when you pick a flannel shirt and even size up because for this look, the bigger the better.

Fanny Packs

One of the biggest trends right now that has evolved directly from a typical ‘90s look is the fanny pack. We’ve seen them on the runway from the likes of Gucci, Balenciaga, and Fendi, which means that the high street has jumped right on board and quick. Followed closely by every fashionista on the planet. More or less.

How to Wear It

Although the typical round-your-waist fanny pack is still A-OK, people are now wearing fanny packs across the chest, both over and under coats and jackets, giving them an up to date vibe. Wear it over anything from simple athleisure looks to tailored suits and dresses. As long as you’ve got one, you can’t really go wrong.

We’ve included some fanny pack options from both high street and designer price points to suit every budget.

Combat Boots

Chunky and lace-up is where it’s at when it comes to shoes for the ‘90s and if you want to add a little extra platform sole, you can’t go wrong.

How to Wear It

The joy of combat boots is that you can pair them with so much which makes them one of the most versatile and seasonally transitional pieces you can invest in. Wear them with anything from flirty and feminine summer dresses to high-waisted denim jean shorts or rugged utility pants. Whatever works for you, works.

Doc Martens are such a go-to brand for this look but we’ve also included some alternatives to shake things up!

Some people are confused as to why these fashion trends have re-emerged from the ‘90s, but most people are loving and embracing it with open arms. But why?

Cosmopolitan says it’s all about the nostalgia of the era, whereas Refinery29 says it’s because we all love to be allowed to dress casually. And are they right? Throughout the other decades, the dressing was tailored, OTT and fancy. The ‘90s hit and thanks to the likes of Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston, the style was slouchy with a touch of grunge, all about baggy jeans and with influences from streetwear, hip hop, and pop culture.

All we know is, people loved 90s trends back then and they’re loving them again now. And so are we! So, whether you fancy dropping in a touch of early 90s vibes to your wardrobe or you want to create a head to toe look, these pieces will get you there and fast!

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