The One Shoulder Tops You Haven't Seen Yet

One shoulder, off the shoulder, off one shoulder, cold shoulder - these tops have been trending for years now, and they show no signs of slowing down. (phew!)

We've carefully curated these one shoulder tops .. keeping wearability, cost, and style in the forefront. It's not enough to show you the basics, we're here to show you why Shop It To Me has the best shopping tools in the game.

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Back to those cold shoulder vibes

Now that the secret's out, before you play around with the site, we're keeping our promise to show you the chicest one shoulder looks that you've ever seen.

Because besides being a great service, we want to bring a human aspect to the game by having our stylists do some dirty work.

White One Shoulder Tops

White can be blasé or it can be interesting. We prefer it interesting. Calvin Klein's coated cotton off white version of the one shoulder top is definitely not boring. Wear it tucked in, like the model does, with trousers, denim, or a skirt. The point is to go out of your comfort zone, but with a super chic piece.

The middle white lace top, by Miguelina, is nothing short of luxury bohemian chicness (we would know, we wrote the article on it, literally). Originally $455, it's on sale at Shop It To Me, discounted to $111. Of course sales like these don't last, that's why it's important to download the app so that you can get notified before everyone else of stellar sales.

BUT, it's important to know what's out there, what you haven't seen, and how to wear different styles. That's why you're reading this article :)

Ruffled Off One Shoulder Tops

Spring frills are always a welcoming thing, and these 3 frilly tops set the bar pretty high. From understated to elegant, these are the one shoulder ruffled blouses you definitely haven't seen.

Wear each of these ruffled blouses with black or white skinny denim, or wear this Amur 'portia' top with its matching paisley tiered maxi skirt. The skirt, along with all of the blouses seen in this article, were found using Shop It To Me.

Dressy Off The Shoulder Tops

You're always going to need a go-to "going out" top and any of these 3 one shoulder tops will work. Silky, sophisticated, and sexy, these shoulder bearing tops are more elegant than anything else - which is appreciated.

Pair any of the above 3 off the shoulder tops with a mini skirt, blue jeans, or black pants. Our stylist suggests wearing your hair either up and slicked back in a tight bun or natural/(straight if you can) behind your ears and shoulders, to accentuate these stunning silky tops.

Casual Cold Shoulder Tops

Let's be honest - we love a casual look. When you don't know what to wear and your normal favorite graphic t-shirt isn't cutting it, these cold shoulder tops will more than make up for any negative thoughts that you're having about your outfit.

Go bold in color with your one shoulder finds. Even if you're normally more conservative in your style, by keeping everything else (bag, shoes, accessories) monochromatic, your bold shoulder top will make sense, and not look outlandish.

Life is short - buy the top!

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