The modest fashion industry is booming and retailers, fashion designers, and shoppers worldwide are taking note. Whether you dress modestly for religious reasons, culturally, or simply prefer a more covered up style, modest fashion is having a moment in the industry right now and this is one trend that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Vogue called modest fashion a multi-billion-dollar industry of savvy shoppers while the Business of Fashion now has an entire section of the industry-reporting website dedicated to modesty. But what defines modest fashion and what exactly is a modest dresser?

Let’s take a look.

What is Modest Fashion?

Modest dressing can mean many things to many different women. Some like to cover their hair and all skin from their wrists to their ankles, whereas many just prefer a higher neckline and longer sleeve. Wherever you lie on the modest clothing scale, shopping for modest fashion has never been easier and finding key trend pieces that keep your skin covered, is more possible than ever.

But where to shop for modest fashion?

Now, the answer is… everywhere.

Where once modest clothing was limited to just a few dedicated online stores, such as The Modist and Modli, which are specialist shopping platforms aimed at on-trend and contemporary modest fashion lovers, this is no longer the case.

Now, designers and high street brands are listening to what the consumer wants and designing more and more fashion that works for modest dressers. So, what’s the trick to shopping modest fashion?

It’s All About Quality

When it comes to choosing modest pieces, there tends to be more fabric and more design details, which means if the quality is poor, the overall look is poor. Which is why shopping on a platform like Shop It To Me, which finds you designer and high-end pieces at the best possible price, makes modest shopping better than ever.

Here, we’ve put together our top key styling tips for dressing modestly with that high-end style finish.

Modesty 101: Learn How to Layer

Layering is huge in modest dressing and it doesn’t just mean throwing a roll neck underneath everything you wear to add coverage. Layering can even be simply adding a top you’re comfortable with to allow you to wear a strappy or strapless top you wouldn’t usually be comfortable with, giving yourself more options.

The Trick to Making Layering Look Expensive
Layering can feel awkward and even uncomfortable when not done right. The key to creating a stylish layered look and making it look expensive is to choose high-quality pieces to layer underneath. This is where shopping with Shop It To Me can help.

No matter what your budget, shop for beautiful quality knits and silks that layer under dresses and tops to create the chicest modest looks. Opting for these high-quality pieces as a base for your outfit will instantly make the rest of your layered outfit look more expensive but on a sale budget.

Top tip: Layer trend pieces from the season with classic staples from your wardrobe to ensure you’re injecting a little of your own style into your favorite trend looks.

Modesty 101: Choose the Right Fit  

Modesty doesn’t simply mean loose-fit. Choosing the right fit for your shape will help you to put together stylish outfits that cover without drowning you.

Choosing the right fit is personal but there are certain things you can do to ensure your modest look still flatters.

  • Cinch the waist when styling oversized clothing.
  • Wear a tailored blazer or fitted jacket with a midi skirt or palazzo pants for balance.
  • Create shape at the waist in a subtle and flattering way by opting for wrap dresses.
  • Team skirts and dresses with slim line over-the-knee boots instead of bulky boots to elongate your legs and keep your look feminine.

Modesty 101: Go Wild on The Accessories

When it comes to some of the biggest modest fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers in the world, accessories are clearly key to creating their look. From the statement earrings and sunglasses of Dina Tokio to the shoes and handbag #goals of Rachelle Yadegar, accessories can transform an outfit, giving it a touch of your signature style.

Statement earrings are huge right now and gold hoops are the particular favorite with celebs and fashion bloggers alike. Layers of necklaces are key to adding depth to any look and whether you opt for medallions or sparkle, it’s all about the multi-chain look. When it comes to handbags and shoes, Shop It To Me can help with designer pieces from this season, offering you the chance to set price drop alerts so you never miss out when they hit the sale.

6 Key Pieces for Every Modest Wardrobe

Every modest fashion lover will have their own unique style. And so they should! However, there are certain key pieces that will serve you time and time again when it comes to layering and creating the best modest looks.

At Shop It To Me, we love quality fashion for the best price, so if you’re planning to add just a few of these key items to your modest wardrobe, we want to help you do it properly. So, we found quality style and labels at the best possible price tag, right here on Shop It To Me.

Let’s take a look at some essential fashion pieces that will help to build a modest wardrobe that is both versatile and incessantly stylish.

A White Shirt

Sounds so simple, but a white shirt can mean so many things and team with so many looks to create unique and on-trend outfits with a modest twist. From wearing solo or layering under knitwear for that flash of crisp white at the collar to layering under interesting shapes, a white shirt provides all the coverage you need while allowing you to wear a number of styles.

Think of a sequinned, spaghetti strap crop top that you would never think to be able to wear. Now layer it over a longline white shirt and you’ve created a chic look that is overtly and primarily modest with a serious edge. Adding a white shirt to your wardrobe opens up a plethora of styles in tops and dresses that are suddenly available to even the most modest of dresser.

A Blazer

A blazer is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and that’s because of its versatility. This works particularly well for modest outfits. Add a longline blazer to leggings and a tee or simple jeans and tank and your outfit is transformed and given an immediate fashion twist.

A lightweight blazer also allows you to easily add extra coverage to a look without heavy jackets or knitwear. If you’re opting for oversized, boyfriend styles, keep your bottom half fitted or tailored. If you have a loose-fit bottom half, opt for a more tailored and fitted shoulder style blazer. Whether you like checks or pinstripes, find blazers to suit every style on Shop It To Me.

A Graphic Tee

The ultimate in all-weather clothing, a graphic tee just had to be on the list for modest wardrobe essentials. Again, with a staple graphic tee, you’re adding a piece to your wardrobe that is incredibly versatile and teams with both dressy outfits and weekend, laid-back looks, while all the time giving your modest look a little extra sass.

A Long Sleeve Tee or Roll Neck

Because layering tends to be key for the best modest looks, ensuring you have a long sleeve top that fits perfectly is essential. Whether you opt for a roll neck or not, this should be lightweight, effortlessly soft and extremely breathable to ensure you add coverage without too much weight.

A Midi Skirt

It’s one of this season’s biggest trend pieces but a midi skirt is a total every-season staple for a modest wardrobe. Worn through summer and winter alike, a midi skirt suits all body types and when done right will be your new go-to piece.

The midi skirt trend made styling this length skirt a lot easier. No longer do you need to worry about cinching the waist or wearing the perfect shoes. Now, midi skirts are supposed to be styled to suit you. If you like sneakers, team them with a midi. If you love slouchy, oversized knitwear, pair it with a midi skirt. When it comes to midi’s now, the only rule is, you need one.

Mom Jeans

Yes, mom jeans are now bigger in the fashion world than skinny jeans, can you believe it? That means you need to get yourself a pair of these relaxed-fit, high waist jeans and if your mom has an old pair of Levi’s from the ‘80s, you’re onto a winner.

The shape of these jeans is instantly modest as they are less fitted than a regular skinny or straight fit jean. The key to wearing mom jeans is to keep the waist defined and opt for a flattering cropped length, just above the ankle.

Will you be incorporating a little modest fashion into your wardrobe, this season? Shop this season’s collection from all the biggest designers at the best price when you sign up to Shop It To Me and never miss a deal on all your favorite modest fashion brands.