The Micro Purse Trend

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in terms of mini bags— boom, another teeny tiny purse trend emerges from the dust. Although, to be fair, this year's micro purse trend is used a little differently than the previous years' mini bag that was actually toted around with all seriousness (we're still big fans tho).

Instead of banking on this new micro bag to hold your day's essentials, this petite purse is actually used as an accomplice to your bigger bags. These smaller than small bags are spotted hanging from the handles of larger bags, almost like a keychain.

So alas oversized tote bag lovers, there's no need to freak out or hate on this innocent trend— these pocket sized purses are more for aesthetics and decoration than for actual efficiencies.

Now that things are put into perspective, top fashion blog Shop It To Me has curated a bunch of cute micro bags that can be worn in unison with your normal day to day bags . . . . .  

Although super small in appearance, micro bags definitely pack a big punch, and they make a huge fashion statement no matter how they are styled.

This cream colored MANU ATELIER duffle micro bag is just the kind of fancy that our big bags are yearning for. Featuring a thick yellow gold double chain as a strap, you could argue that this micro bag doubles as a piece of jewelry— but you know, for your purse.

Also, this micro bag's strap has a lobster claw clasp that allows it to be opened and hung on the handles of your larger bags. If your desired micro bag doesn't feature a removable strap, maybe the strap on your larger handbag is openable to slip the micro bag through.

Lime green is trending hard in 2021 and it's the exact pick-me-up color that we needed in our wardrobes but didn't quite know how to wear. It's always fun to test bright colors on our accessories, and this BY FAR luxurious leather micro bag is really going to pop when worn against a larger black tote bag.

The JACQUEMUS brand was definitely the brand that started the mini bag trend a few years ago, so it comes as no surprise that it has pushed out one of the cutest micro bags of 2021. You can now also wear this micro bag trend on your ear. Alas, this 'le micro' bag doesn't need any explaining . . .

A very affordable micro bag choice, MELIE BIANCO's version of a micro bag comes in the form of a vegan crocodile embossed leather, complete with a matching color blocked chain.

Definitely a different take on the 2021 micro bag trend is this miniature SEE BY CHLOE faux fur bag. This micro bag is reminiscent of the brand's larger style bags, and it would look super cute when worn as a charm in addition to its larger counterparts.

And last but not least on fashion app Shop It To Me's micro purse trend list is another SEE BY CHLOE tiny purse that once again is made to compliment the brand's larger bags, or any other bag for that matter.

The Micro Bags of 2021

It's rare to meet a woman who doesn't care about her handbag, but if you happen to be someone who could care less about what you tote your stuff around in, maybe perhaps you want to partake in the micro bag trend?

Essentially ornaments for your purse, these cute mini bags do actually open to store something. Whatever that something is is up to you!

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Happy Shopping!!!