Shop It To Me’s Top Designer Sale Shopping Tips Of All Time

Shopping designer sales can be tricky, stressful and disappointing. Or, it can actually be relaxed, exciting and joyful. Don’t believe us? Stick with this blog on Shop It To Me’s top tips of all time for designer sale shopping online and we’ll teach you everything we’ve learned on finding the best designer fashion and accessories at the best price without the hassle.

Ok, so first, if you’re new here, Shop It To Me is a platform for sale lovers who hate to pay full price retail on all things fashion and accessories. From high street stores such as H&M and GAP to high-end luxury designers, like Burberry and Alexander McQueen, on Shop It To Me, you’ll find everything online that is on sale in your size, available to order now.

On top of the ease and searchability when you’re a part of Shop It To Me, you’ll also create a profile of preferences when you sign up. This means you can add your favorite brands, your dress and shoe sizes, and other details to receive direct info when something you love in your size gets an online price drop.

Handy, right?

So, let’s kick off with our top tips for shopping designer sales online and we are starting off with Shop It To Me itself because why not?

Use Shop It To Me, Properly!

Signing up to Shop It To Me and then allowing our email alerts to head straight to spam won’t get you ahead of the curve when it comes to becoming a designer sale pro. Use us properly, including all of our cool features, and you’ll soon realize your alerts are coming in for products that you actually want to buy.

Clue Yourself Up On The Best Time To Buy Designer Sale Items

Believe it or not, there are some very specific times out of the year when it is a good time to buy things and certain times when you’ll really struggle to find a great deal. Although, of course, Shop It To Me will always find you the best deal we can!

We created a blog all about this very recently so that we could really highlight to our loyal customers the best months to shop for certain fashion items and when you can find the deepest discounts for individual categories of items, looking at trends in data we’ve been collecting over time.

If you really do your homework (and we’ve done most of it for you), you can see that designer sale shopping really does work on a timetable. For example, taking a look at the stats in our blog, you’ll see that if you’re after a designer handbag sale, January is your month, whereas the hunt for designer sunglasses on sale starts in May and peaks in July.

Get in the know about when to shop and you are already becoming a designer sale pro.

Buy Weird Things At Weird Times, And SAVE

Linking to our last point, buying at just the right time is what designer sale shopping is all about. Sometimes, this means purchasing weird things at weird times, but if it’s a luxury piece that you’ll keep for years to come, who says winter is a terrible time to buy all your designer swimwear?

Actually, the data proves that if you were to purchase swim in December or January, which let’s face it, it’s not usually at the top of your agenda unless you’re taking a winter break in the sun somewhere, that you’ll save the most money possible.

In fact, finding designer swim in December will lead you to make an extra 5% saving when compared to sales around the rest of the year, which can make a huge difference when purchasing a couple of suits from high-end labels, such as Norma Kamali or Mara Hoffman, which can see high-end, stunning quality swimsuits priced into the hundreds of dollars price bracket.

Of course, buying swimwear in the sale during winter isn’t easy in-store. Well, actually it’s near impossible. Which is exactly why Shop It To Me can show you everything that all the stores, such as Barney’s and Nordstrom still have in stock but don’t have out on the floor because of the time of year. And it’s on sale. In secret!

And it’s not just the swimwear that can be found at weird times of the year. If you’re clever with high ticket items, like outerwear and you purchase them in the sale during August instead of as soon as it starts to get cold then you’re likely to see savings greater than any other time of year.

It might feel crazy buying your new designer teddy coat in the sunshine, but come October and November, you’ll be so glad you did! And you’ll have a winter treat waiting for you all summer that will help make you feel better when the weather turns.  

Now that’s doing designer sale shopping the right way. Plus, you’ll find yourself buying much chicer and long-term purchases instead of trend or impulse buys because you’ll really be thinking about it in advance.

Choose Classic Pieces That You’ll Never Regret

Moving on from our last point, nailing a designer sale is hugely to do with the pieces that you actually end up choosing. Classic, chic, elegant and long-lasting items of beautiful quality are the pieces that you’ll never regret investing in and that will never go to waste.

It can often be tempting to purchase on impulse when sale shopping believing that you’ve bagged yourself the greatest bargain. However, if you never wear your designer purchase because, to be honest, it’s not really your style, then it’s was never really a bargain, to begin with.

Choose classic items that can take you through the seasons and you’ll start to build a designer wardrobe that you’ll love for years to come.  

Keep Yourself In The Loop

Lastly, and as we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, keeping yourself in the loop when it comes to designer sales and price drops is crucial to shopping them well. Now, this doesn’t mean permanently keeping your ear to the metaphorical ground and watching multiple Instagram sale pros avidly hoping to hear a hint or tip on the next sale to hit. No. This means, keeping yourself in the loop with the help of Shop It To Me.

Turning on your email notifications and making sure your preferences are up to date on Shop It To Me is the best way ever to ensure you never miss out on that designer handbag sale or luxury evening gown.

If you’re ready to be more specific with the pieces that you’re on the hunt for, remember to also click the heart button on Shop It To Me under that product. This will add this item to your personal list on your profile and ensure that you receive all the all-important price drop updates for that item, in particular, allowing you to pounce when it hits the best price.

For example, let’s say you’re after the Chloe Faye bag in a size medium and you are super keen on the black. It’s showing as reduced on Shop It To Me with FORWARD by Elyse Walker from $1990 to $1592 but this is still a little too much for your budget this month. Click the heart and add it to your list and Shop It To Me will be in touch directly to your inbox the moment this price drops any further.

Magic, right? Actually, no it’s just Shop It To Me.

From buying at the right time and choosing eternally chic pieces to using Shop It To Me like an absolute pro, these top tips are sure to take your designer sale shopping skills to the next level.

We’re here to help you secure the best luxe pieces for a price that makes you happy so come and join the Shop It To Me squad and get yourself on the exclusive designer sale shopping pros list.