Have you ever noticed that certain products seem to go on sale at certain times of the year but somehow, you always seem to miss the best deal? Annoying, right? So, in true Shop It To Me style, we wanted to demystify the illusion of designer sale shopping and check the facts, bringing you an easy to use shopping guide for the best time to buy everything you need. From belts to sunglasses and coats to hugely reduced designer handbags, we’ve put together all our research and data and made this simple, just for you. And you’re very welcome!

Best Time to Buy Online

Let’s dive in and take a look at what to buy every month and when the biggest and deepest discounts are for all your favorite shopping items. Also, bear in mind that at Shop It To Me, we’re actually here to help you get the best possible deals. So, if a specific month looks like a poor time to shop a specific item to get the best deal, don’t worry, we’ll let you know so that you can hang on until the next month.

Amazing Accessories, Dresses, Shorts & T-Shirt Deals in January

Most fashion shoppers know that January is a great time to find the best bargains, especially when you like to shop online. Because so many fashion categories are great for January, let’s take a more specific look into what our data says about the best time to buy and which pieces to look out for.

First, accessories are a big win for January. If you like to invest in high-quality designer accessories, January is the month for you. With average discounts on jewelry at 44% (19% deeper than yearly average), discounts at 44% vs 40% on handbags and 49% vs 44% on shoes, your savings on both luxury and high-street accessories in January are enough to keep you going all year.

Casual wardrobe shopping is also perfect for January, where you'll find higher discounts than any other time throughout the year on casual pants and shirts, alongside skirts, which see a 7% deeper discount in January compared to the rest of the year average.

During the first month of the year, it’s also perfect timing to find the deepest discounts on dresses (8% deeper than the yearly average), shorts (11% deeper) and t-shirts (13% deeper), which might not be at the top of your shopping list during the cooler months but January is a good time to buy for the best prices.

Shop Workwear Bargains in February

Get your workwear wardrobe topped up at the start of the year in February because it’s a great time to shop for both dress shirts and dress pants for women. Smarter pants average at a 62% discount during this month compared to 54% yearly average on Shop It To Me and shirts do well during February with 16% deeper discounts than average. Our data also says that this is a great time to find sleepwear at the best price with a 46% discount vs. 42% yearly average so it could be the perfect gift choice for a chic Valentine's Day.

Plus, although it might be tempting to shop for designer sunglasses during February as we all await the springtime, it’s not the best month in terms of sales. So, if you need to buy sunglasses in February, make sure you have your Shop It To Me alerts well and truly on for all your favorite glasses brands.

Bag a Blazer in March

Blazers are a seriously big deal in fashion right now and March is the perfect time to invest if you haven’t yet. Whether you’re teaming yours with your workwear for a polished finish or with denim and sneakers for a true street style vibe, blazers, also known as sports coats, have an average discount of 55% in March compared to an average over the year of 47%.

If you feel like treating yourself to a full suit, March is also a great time to nail the head-to-toe tailored look with discounts around 7% deeper than the rest of the year in March.

If you’re not sure how to choose the perfect blazer style for you and your body type, take a look at our tailoring blog for a few key tips.

Catch Up on Workwear Sales Again in April

According to our exclusive data, April isn’t the best time to buy fashion and accessories if you’re looking for major deals. However, we found a couple of specifics that might really come in useful for you.

Aside from January and February when so much fashion is on sale, April is the best time to restock your wardrobe with dress pants, perfect for a chic workwear capsule wardrobe. So, if you missed the savings on dress pants in February, April still has you covered with discounts around 13% deeper than average, giving you plenty of chance to stock up on your workwear clothing.

Sunglasses Sales Start in May

In May, it’s pretty much guaranteed sunglasses season with every single one of your daily looks. Luckily, our data says that sunglasses start going on sale in May at around 48% discount and continue on sale, peaking in July at 49% so you have plenty of time to choose from your favorite styles. From Fendi to Rayban, grab a chic pair of new sunnies from May onwards, ready for the summer.

Keep Your Eyes On Sunglasses in June

June can be a very tricky time to shop for designer sales, which is why you always need Shop It To Me on hand to do the hunting for you. This is a key time to have your sale alerts turned on with Shop It To Me as the major stores are not keen to discount during this time so are less likely to promote.

Throughout June sunglasses continue to be on discount having started in May so keep a look out for your go-to designer styles. In June, you will also start to see outerwear head into the sale, with peak discounts in August. Start browsing for coats and jackets in June and set price alerts ready for the heaviest discounts come August.

July is The Month For Athleisure & Intimates Discounts

It’s hard to find your athleisure favorites on sale because of their popularity now but July is a pretty good month to find them with a discount at around 41%. Underwear is a good choice for July shopping, where you’ll find intimates with an approximate 44% off the retail price on Shop It To Me vs a yearly average of 42%. Also, remember that July is the peak discount month for sunglasses, so remember to keep your price alerts up to date if you fancy a little mid-season accessories splurge.

Grab Sweaters & Outerwear for Next Year in August

It might be the last thing you’d expect to be online shopping for in August but if you’re a serious bargain hunter, we’re sure you won’t mind waiting to wear your new designer sale steals. That is because the best time to buy outerwear and sweaters is in August. Shopping online on Shop It To Me is a great option for this category as these pieces won’t be out on the shop floor due to the season but it means you can get yourself an awesome deal, ready and waiting for the following fall.

At an average discount of around 50% during August (vs. the yearly average of 47%), get on the hunt for classic designer styles in chic coats and sweaters in neutral hues that will never be off trend.

Shop For Jeans & Belts in September

Get your casual wardrobe updated and ready for fall in September because this is a great month to grab jeans and belts. Just add your blazer from your March shopping spree and a tee and you’re good to go with a chic fall look.

Jeans are always a good investment because we wear them time and time again. However, during the month of September, our data shows shoppers can grab themselves a classic pair of jeans for a 48% discount vs. the 46% yearly average, which always helps! Belts are even better with a 7% deeper discount this month vs. the yearly average discount of (46% off vs. 43% yearly average). Top up your casual day to day wardrobe using Shop It To Me and find designer deals that you just can’t say no to!

Top up Your T-Shirts in October (and start looking at swimwear??)

October is a bit more of a “random” month for what’s most discounted. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal. In fact, now that you know, you’re going to know exactly what to look out for!

In October, swimwear is a great category to look out for with an approximate discount around 51% vs an average across the year of 49% on Shop It To Me. Get them now or wait for slightly deeper discounts in December and January with 52% off. Also, in case you missed getting those designer t-shirts in January at a 48% discount, you'll find them at a 45% discount in October (still a 5% deeper discount than the yearly avg). You might feel like you’re buying in the wrong season but come next spring you’ll be glad you did.

Shorts are in Mega Sale in November

In the lead up to December, those extremely organized might be starting to get their Christmas shopping done, but if you have a little extra time, you can find some great designer summer deals to put away ready for next year. Shorts are heavily discounted in November at 49% vs an average of 46% so grab yourself casual vacation shorts and tailored, high waist shorts in preparation for your next sunny day at home or away. You'll also find swimwear discounts continuing from October and more into December.

During November you'll see huge sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where almost every single category of fashion and accessories is on sale. This is a great time to have that designer shopping spree you've been craving all year.

Shop For Swim in December

You’ll most likely be concentrating on your Christmas shopping online when it comes to the month of December. However, if you can manage to be just a little selfish (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) then you’ll be surprised about the designer deals you can get your hands on ready for the new year.

When we say ready for the new year, we do mean that though. The best time to buy vacation-worthy swimwear is in December and you’ll be looking at a 5% deeper discount than the average, which on designer swim can make a real difference. So, if you didn't grab swimwear in the October sales, don't miss out in December. Shorts are also a great purchase for December, so why not get your vacay shopping done at Christmas!?

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