How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Libra

September 23rd to October 22nd = Libra season

A Libra is fun, flirty, and balanced. She loves love and favors compromise. Hmm, sounds like the perfect person? Maybe.. but, you're here because you're interested in the style of a Libra .. right?

A Libra owns both statement pieces and staples, and she's an expert at mixing them. ie: When a Libra woman wears a classic suit or lbd she always needs to throw in a twist to make the outfit more amusing to her. Consider the Libra woman the "wild child" of all zodiac signs.

A Libra is fun to dress, coming from a stylist point of view, and these looks are next level . . .

What are a Libra's favorite colors?

Ironically, pastel pink and light blue don't seem very intense, but a Libra does like balance, and these are her 2 favorite colors. We assume that she flirts best in these baby hues and it makes sense that she favors lush fabrics like cashmere, suede, and faux fur.

What type of shoes should a Libra wear?

Keeping the personality of a Libra in mind, this girl needs something a little more coquettish than usual. Could it be that Libras love Louboutin? The answer? A hard yes.

Christian Louboutin's signature red bottoms are unmistakable, admired from afar, and the perfect merger of class and sass.

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What is the best handbag for a Libra?

Now we know Libras are thoughtful, but we also know Libras need a little je na se quois to keep things interesting. Libras are not about to condemn themselves to a boring purse.

What's better than a Balenciaga mini city bag? A Balenciaga mini city bag in this stunning light blue color.

And, um, OMG this LoveShackFancy multicolored crochet bag is TO.DIE.FOR. We just wrote a piece on The Best Vacation Outfit Ideas and this definitely strikes us as "vacation gold".

But what should a Libra wear to work?

A Libra definitely knows how to dress when it comes to her office attire. Because she prefers balance, she likes to tone it down when it comes to dressing for the office. A pantsuit works well for her and she can have a little fun with the blazer.

Tibi's menswear blazer is the perfect color palette for a Libra, and it has character to it— aka it's not boring. Besides the fact that it's not boring, it can be paired with ANY color dress pant and a variety of neutral colored shirts.

Also, Theory's navy cropped dress pants are totally a Libra's vibe with this wear to work outfit.

Tibi's blazer and Theory's dress pant go perfect with the above mentioned Christian Louboutin blue suede heels, and the Balenciaga bag if you're feeling extra saucy.

What does a Libra play in?

When a Libra goes all out, she goes all out. The balanced part of her is seen in her workwear, as she knows business is business, but when it comes time to party— she knows a thing or two.

A cocktail dress is a Libra's best friend and she likes them short, fun, and flirty. (but are we really surprised?) Self Portrait is a brand that should be a on Libra's radar because of its fun frills and silhouettes.

A Libra also likes purples such as lavender, after all, light pink and light blue do make light purple. Newcomer brand Retrofete makes this stunning sequined robe dress and it's perfect for a Libra. Btw, we heard that Libras have a dress for every occasion, so you might want to start stocking up ;P

Libra Fashionista

A Libra is most definitely a fashionista at heart. She loves to play dress up and she's really good at it. Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Serena Williams, and Gwen Stefani are all bold Libra women— and we know they wouldn't be afraid to rock any of the items in this post.

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