Best Plus Size Brands for Summer

The fashion industry is having a revolution. Where once universal standards were unrealistic and social media was flooded with women in a very specific size range, times are changing and curvy women all over the world are proving that when it comes to being fashion-forward, sexy and limitlessly on-trend, size does not have to be a factor.

Actually, the plus-size clothing sector is the fastest-growing sector of the women’s apparel market. Fact. The global market was valued at $165.2 billion in 2017 and expected to continually grow up to 2026. It’s also recently been discussed in publications such as Vogue Business and Forbes as a seriously profitable market for fashion brands globally and you know why!? It’s because there are women everywhere of all sizes and shapes who want to look great!!

From social media influencers and bloggers to plus size models and celebrities, being skinny is no longer necessary. Being happy and healthy is the talk of the town and we, at Shop It To Me, are LOVING these vibes.

Consider us an American one-stop-shop for all things fashion. And that includes all your plus size fashion brands, designing specifically for curvy women who own and love their shape. We consider ourselves to be completely size-inclusive and we can do that because we work alongside some of the biggest names and retailers in the industry. From all the designer fashion brands at multi-brand stores, such as Nordstrom to high street classics, such as Old Navy and GAP, our target is to show you all the options at just the right price point for you.

If you’ve not signed up to Shop It To Me yet, just add your name, address and dress size details plus all your fave brands today and start to see how you can find the best of the best of what’s online now – including all your fave plus size clothing brands.

But back to what’s important here – the best plus size brands for your summer wardrobes.

To make things easy and to allow you to scroll through the stuff you’re most interested in, we’ve split this up simply into your closet sections. So, whether you’re on the hunt for plus size swimwear and lingerie or outerwear ready for fall, we’ve got you covered.

Swimwear & Lingerie

Plus size swimwear and lingerie used to be a battle for all curvy women. Having to head into specialist shops and pay more than smaller shaped women for their bras and swimsuits just wasn’t good enough. Fortunately, several designers and brands started to see the problem and address it. This has led to a slew of high-quality options that nail the balance between style, comfort, and support needed for bigger bust shapes.

We recently created a very detailed list of the best plus size bra brands, so if bras are what you’re looking for specifically, check that out here! From retro to contemporary, whatever your style, we've got you covered.

Let’s take a look at some of our plus size swimwear and lingerie brands that are easy to find and shop through Shop It To Me.


Denim is your go-to wardrobe essential. Your ride or die friend that you can’t create daily looks without. So, they need to be just right and designed for your shape. Luckily, there are some seriously good denim brands out there now that have been designed and built to cater for curves. Whether you need extra fabric at the thigh or a special fit when it comes to your rear waistband, these guys have thought of everything.


Getting your closet basics right is the start of having a chic, versatile and extra stylish daily rotation of outfits. From chic and simple bodysuits to t-shirts that you’re going to wear with everything, get your basics on point and you’re making a damn good start to dressing to perfection. We look to brands, such as Madewell for simple basics that you know will last and last.

Choose basics in neutral hues and classic prints, such as stripes and create outfits with them based on color themes, which makes it easy to pair with anything in your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a beautiful quality white tee and button-down shirt so make sure you have plenty of those in your wardrobe for both summer and fall.

Bodysuits are the perfect choice for a slimline look underneath your go-to denim!


Whether you love to head to the gym on the daily or you just love the feeling of the perfect fit yoga pant while you’re relaxing at home or heading out on the school run, activewear is now a big part of most of our wardrobes. If you think you can’t wear activewear as a plus-size lady, please use these hot AF brands to prove yourself wrong. Because you SO can!

From the perfect black leggings that you’ll wear day in and day out to matching crop tops, hoodies and even shorts for summer, it’s all about quality and fit when it comes to choosing the best plus size activewear.


Summer is all about dresses. From party dresses perfect for an all-day BBQ and drinks with friends to the perfect dream maxi dress in a beautiful statement print, we’ve picked out our favorite dresses for this season.


If you’re not a dress type of gal but you want to dress up for an event this summer, opt for a flattering and super chic jumpsuit instead. Whether you love plunging and sultry or wide-leg and ‘70s-inspired perfect for girl’s night out, choosing a jumpsuit is all about the balance between style and comfort. Don’t opt for something that you won’t feel comfortable in but at the same time, if you’ve never worn a jumpsuit before, maybe get a little creative and try something new. You might just surprise yourself!

When it comes to choosing a flattering jumpsuit, consider the fabric. Thicker, more luxurious fabrics tend to be much more flattering or fabrics with some texture do the trick too. Super thin and lightweight fabrics might seem like a good idea for summer but tend to leave you feeling a little more self-conscious around any slightly wobbly areas.


Even summer requires a little bit of outerwear and blazers and denim jackets are our favorite choices depending on how dressy you need to be. Blazers can be worn with any of your workwear for a city chic look but also interchange with jeans and sneakers for the perfect smart-casual vibe. When it comes to denim jackets, you’ve got to choose a style that suits your taste. Do you like oversized and rugged? Or do you prefer a more classic shape? Invest in a quality option that you’ll get the most use out of.

Finally! Plus size clothing doesn’t have to be difficult to shop. No longer do curvy ladies need to find themselves in clothing that doesn’t suit their style or personality. Now, high-quality and on-trend clothing for the plus-size woman is ready and waiting at the click of a keyboard! Shop with Shop It To Me to ensure you get the best prices when shopping online at all your fave stores and remember to keep an eye on the blog for all our stylist’s fashion tips and tricks and shopping hacks, coming at you weekly!

A couple more plus size-inclusive brands to look out for that we plan to add to our Shop It To Me platform soon are Eloquii, Torrid, Modcloth and Navabi!