If you’re rocking a fuller bust, it can often be tricky (or in some stores near impossible) to find great quality bras with the support and lift you need that look and feel beautiful and feminine. Suffering the same dilemma? Well, if you’re a curvy lady who is packing lots of voluptuous shape up top, all that ends here.

We’ve recently taken a look at the best bras for the average shape, but what about the bustier ladies that need some serious sculpting? Isn’t she the average too? Well, turns out, she is. According to a recent survey, the average cup size in the US is 34DD and over the pond in the UK, it’s more like 36DD. Which means, bigger and better cup sizes are more in need than ever before.

And luckily, bra brands all over the world are stepping up their game to cater.

So today, we’re shifting the focus onto the best plus size bras. Whether you’re looking for the perfect t-shirt bra, a stretch lace, magic lift, front closure balconette bra with underwire cups or simply a side support bra with maximum comfort for everyday, we’re going on the hunt for the best bras with the perfect fit.

We want you to wear a comfortable bra every single day. But not just comfortable, gorgeous too.  

Because, not only will it put you in a better mood, but it’ll boost your confidence and make you love your clothes even more.

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What Counts as Plus Size Bras?

So, before we dive into finding the perfect bra brands for plus size women, let’s take a quick look at what actually counts as plus size when it comes to bras.

According to biggerbras.com, plus size bras are bras that are “designed to accommodate a more generous figure” and that often means a larger band size, full coverage as well as back smoothing designs and more supportive side panels with a bigger cup size – makes total sense.

But what size does this mean?

Some brands sell all back sizes and cater for DD cup upwards and some brands start with larger back sizes, eg. 38. So basically, we’re looking at DD cup sizes and over and in a range of different band sizes.

Many plus size bra brands also cater for the smaller sizes so don’t be put off if at first, you notice a smaller 32B bra because that doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to a fuller shape too.

Why Is Having the Right Bra Size SO Important?

We covered why having the right bra size is so important in our last best bra blog. But to recap, let’s just take a quick look at the main points.

You Wear Them More Than Anything Else

You pay so much attention to your clothes, shoes, and jewelry, but do you own anything else in your closet that you wear as consistently and for a long as you do your bras? (aside from your briefs!) We don’t think so! Every outfit needs a plunge bra or a support bra with adjustable straps or even an underwire sports bra. Wherever you’re headed, chances are, you’ll need a bra so it’s incredibly important to get right.

It Changes How Your Clothing Looks

Not only is a good bra so important for how you feel and how comfortable you are all day long, but it also has an impact on how your clothes sit on your figure. A poor fit strapless bra can ruin an outfit but the perfect fit underwire bra with power mesh and a front hook and eye closure can give you the exact shape you’re looking for under your favorite top or dress.

It Goes Deeper Than That

Although allowing your clothes to fit properly is a major reason to find good bras that fit well and keep you comfortable all day, it’s not the only reason. It goes deeper than that when you think about how you feel and also, your health. Good bras can help with sore breasts, aching shoulders and even bad backs. Being uncomfortable all day can set us in a terrible mindset and mood and a great bra can fix or at least help with all of these things.

What Problems Are Fuller Bust Women Having When Bra Shopping?

With a little bit of research, we’ve found that so many women with a larger bust are having issues when they’re trying to find the right bra brand for them. If any of these problems speak to you personally, raise your hand. Or better yet, get scrolling and see if any of our best bra brands can solve any of your bra shopping issues!

·     Bigger boobs are heavier – which means you need thicker straps but you don’t want ugly straps that make you feel drab and unsexy.

·     You can never find a bralet that you love that looks pretty and sweet.

·     Strapless bras tend to fall straight down and you end up tugging them up all day or evening.

·     You find you get “quad boobs”, where the cups dig into your breast and create a ridge, which can often be seen even through the lines of your clothing.

·     “Back fat” or “back bulge” is something that always happens and stops you from wearing certain pieces of clothing that you’d love to wear.

Clearly, finding bras for bigger breasts is causing a lot of ladies (maybe even the majority of the population!) some issues. So, let’s take a look at some of the best and most highly recommended plus size bras, designed and built for the fuller figure.

Best Plus Size Bras on Shop It To Me

Wacoal America Inc.

A brand that we’ve looked at previously is Wacoal. Creating especially for the fuller bust, Wacoal design for sizes up to back size 48 and even up to cup bra size K, which makes the label one of the most inclusive.

If you’ve been looking for a minimizer bra or full cup bra with underwire but not padding and extra bulk, this Wacoal style is comfortable yet complete with beautiful lace details and sheer lace back band for a touch of sexiness.

Everyday, practical bras are important and will be your go-to daily bras especially for work. But why do they need to look and feel ugly? Here, Wacoal proves that even a simple nude full figure underwire bra doesn’t have to look frumpy. In fact, the contour shaping and supportive fabric cups make it feel heavenly on while the delicate patterns glamorize your look from the inside out.


Elomi works for ladies who have up to a K cup size and with that comes pretty lace alongside the underwire support you really need. Part of the previous brand, Wacoal, Elomi knows and understands the full figure and appreciates that bigger busted ladies want and crave pretty bras as well as the comfort and support that some other brands tend to only offer.

And it's not just pretty, feminine bras from Elomi. We're obsessed with this dramatic sultry style in vibrant purple too!

Vanity Fair

This year, Vanity Fair Lingerie is celebrating 100 years of fabulous! That really means something. This brand knows lingerie inside and out and designs to suit every size and shape figure.

From the perfect invisible t-shirt bra for every skin tone to styles designed to smooth out your "back fat" dilemmas and create a deliciously smooth and lump-free finish, Vanity know what it takes to create bras for bigger busts.

Check out the awesome range of sizes and colours and find your perfect match!


Chantelle is a French label that now designs and creates bras for fuller bust without a sniff of anything dowdy or drab. If you’ve not browsed the Chantelle collection before, search for it on Shop It To Me and you’ll see styles in beautiful hues and stunning lace bras in sizes up to back size 42 and cup size H.

Giving full coverage bras a brand-new image, this stunning bra from Chantelle is one of our favorites and brings beauty back to fuller cup bras.  

Le Mystere

Le Mystere creates bras with added surprises and unexpected twists. From t-shirt bras with beautiful lace back details to sexy plunge bras built for a larger cup size, this brand is huge when it comes to its diverse range of sizes, starting at 32A and going all the way up to 44H.

Thought balconette bras for sizes over a D cup were bulky and not cute? Check out this beaut from Le Mystere with comfortable fabric straps and lace cups, this design goes up to an F cup.

And it’s not just bras when it comes to Le Mystere. This stunning contoured bodysuit goes up to a 38 and E cup size.


From convertible styles to the prettiest of lace trims, Natori is a great go-to for every day, high-quality bras that don’t feel like a chore.

On the hunt for the perfect t-shirt bra with all the lift, support, and supple softness you could ever wish for? We might just have found it!

There are a lot more brands out there that cater for fuller bust ladies and once you’ve started your research, you might just be happily surprised by the labels that are looking to cater to exactly your needs. From Elomi and Curvy Couture to Playtex and Vanity Fair, these labels make bras in the hope that you'll love it and wear it every single day. From a satin or lace sexy balconette to a boosting push-up bra that gives you all the confidence you're looking for - get on the hunt for a brand that was made for you.

We’d hate for you to continue through life with the issues we looked at above when it comes to shopping for plus size bras, so we hope we’ve managed to provide some great inspiration for new brands to try. All these brands have worked to design and create bras that really cater to the bigger and heavier boobs of the world so give a new brand a go and see if you can change the way you feel about your fuller bust size!

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