10 Accessory Essentials That Should Be in Everyone’s Closet

We’ve recently looked at our top fashion staples that should be in every stylish wardrobe to make sure you always have just the right look no matter what the occasion. So, this week, we’re taking it one step further with our top accessories that you need in your closet to complete any look. These items have been hand-picked by our stylists as the most timeless, versatile and wearable pieces that instantly elevate your outfit whether you’re headed to the office or a brunch date with friends.

Get the basics right and your outfit will look chic whatever you’re wearing and wherever you’re going.

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Let’s dive into our top fashion accessory must-haves, right now.

Chunky Hoops

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Chunky hoops are a must right now. And that’s not just because they’re on-trend, but it’s also because they’re the new staple/must-have/essential jewelry piece that your closet simply craves.

Go for gold or silver or stack them up and mix your metals.

Elegant Ballet Flats

Most of us can’t run around in heels all day every day – if you can, props to you! So, how do we look chic in flats when sneakers just won’t do? This is where elegant and classic ballet flats come in. Ballet flats can be hit or miss and it’s important to know that so that you know what to look out for.

Simple black, leather, round-toe ballet flats rarely do anyone any favors. They often look inexpensive and whether worn with trousers or skirts, rarely elevate a look. However, you can get this right with a couple of simple rules.

Firstly, it’s best to invest in high-quality when it comes to ballet flats. Cheap flats don’t last, don’t hold their shape and start to stand out for all the wrong reasons after not too many wears. Invest in beautiful leather with strong and durable, as well as comfortable, soles. Secondly, try opting for neutral colors other than black if you like rounded toes. Lighter hues tend to be more flattering on the leg than black. Lastly, pointed ballet flats are the way to go for timeless elegance. They also flatter your legs so much more, making them a great choice if you like black.

One final thing. If you love ballet flats but agree that plain and simple black just looks a little dull, opt for the extra details that give them a feminine edge. Anything from an ankle strap to a plush, textured fabric can make all the difference.

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Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to finish your look with a certain polished vibe. If you’re only investing in one pair, opt for chunky and oversized frames that go with everything. Keep the lenses black and you can wear them through summer and winter with absolutely everything from workwear to swimwear.

Black Small Heel Ankle Boots

Possibly one of the most classic pieces in any wardrobe? Small heels make these boots incredibly versatile. They can be styled with anything from summer dresses to a leather skirt and tights to skinny jeans to a tailored work suit. Get the shape right and you can wear them with EVERYTHING.

Opting for a slightly pointed-toe shape serves up serious chic vibes instantly. This is also a flattering shape that elongates your leg even without a high heel and makes them easier to dress up.

Think about how you’d style some of these top favorite on Shop It To Me.

Everyday Delicate Necklace

Everyone needs a dainty and delicate necklace in their collection that styles with everything. From t-shirts to plunging evening gowns, you can’t go wrong with a simple chain and pendant in your go-to metal color.

A Mini Bag for Everyday

Is the end of the super-sized, hard to carry on the Subway tote handbag near? We hope so! We love the look of a chic tote but sometimes, it’s nice to just carry the essentials when we can and for this, you’ll need a super-stylish mini bag.

Opt for sharp, structured angles and lines for a bag that will take you through the seasons year after year.

Check out our blog on this season’s mini bag trends for all the latest looks.

Printed Silk Scarf

When we’re talking about classic, versatile and timeless accessories, we couldn’t avoid including a printed silk scarf. Whether you style this traditionally around the neck as a neck scarf, loosely under the collar of your favorite coat or blazer or even tied around your fave tote handbag or your hair, a scarf like this will always add a certain Je ne sais pas to your look.

Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune but as long as you opt for silk, it will always look expensive and high-end.

Stylish Fedora Hat

Not really a hat person? That’s what so many people think! Until they try on a classic fedora. Changing the game when it comes to styling looks, a fedora hat really can make all the difference, adding something special to a daytime look. From simple jeans and ankle boot outfits to a super-cute sweater dress and over the knee boots, add a chic fedora to your look and you’ll suddenly feel complete. We promise!

Classic colors are black and shades of beige and tan, which always look good. If you feel like experimenting a little more, opt for warm autumnal shades of forest green and burgundy depending on the colors you tend to wear most.

We’re obsessed with all of these options from Shop It To Me.

The Perfect Evening Clutch

No matter how simple your outfit is, you can dress it up in an instant with just the right evening bag. Think black skinny jeans, a black tee and a black leather jacket – just about as laid-back, cool and versatile as it gets, right? Then add a statement, colorful or sparkly bag to the look and you’ve got instant glamour and a burst of feminine style. Zero effort.

Add a beaut evening clutch to your wardrobe and wear it whenever you feel the need to be a little dressier than your usual crossbody bag. Wear with everything from denim to evening gowns and choose a style with as much flair as you dare.

White Sneakers

Our final staple accessory pick is the classic white sneaker. Paired just as easily with athleisure wear as a chic tailored trouser suit, a pair of white sneakers go with just about anything and with a more casual look finding its way into the majority of offices now, it might just be a way to create your most comfortable work look yet.

Stick to traditional sports brands and you really can’t go wrong. And choose between fully blocked white or a touch of branding details. Modern styles that give your look a little more edge have chunky or even platform soles, giving you a touch of extra height at the same time.

Here are some of our favorites on Shop It To Me, where you’ll find classic styles like this with seriously good discounts on the RRP.

Simple, stylish, versatile and chic. Each of these 10 fashion accessories will fit seamlessly into any style of closet, giving your looks the perfect finishing touch. From the perfect classic fedora to elevate your daytime outfits in an instant to an investment in a handbag that you’ll be wearing for years, get your staple accessories right and you won’t have to replace them every season.

Shopping for stunning, timeless items like this gives you the best possible style options and allows you to then integrate a couple of your favorite trends from the season without dropping all your shopping budget on disposable fashion that you might not wear next season.

Right now, we’re all about shopping better and smarter to give you more options without over-consuming in fast-fashion. We’ll be talking more about conscious shopping and sustainable fashion in the next week on the blog when we discuss the best sustainable fashion brands to shop this winter. Keep a lookout – coming soon!

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