Your Help Needed -- Please Respond!

We’re looking for some great Shop It To Me sale success stories, and hope that you — some of our favorite subscribers — can help us out!

Shop It To Me

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Fabulous wedding-related fashion found through Salemail (Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, dresses to wear to a wedding, jewelry, etc)?

  • Graduation gifts or attire scooped up majorly on sale?

  • Interview for a new job recently?  Any part of your confidence-building wardrobe come from your Salemail?

  • Prom — that night you will never forget.   Anyone find their dress in Salemail?

  • Runners…who found great running shoes recently at a major discount?

  • Hot Summer Trends — bangles, jumpsuits, gladiator sandals, floral prints, bright colors — who is participating, but only on sale?

  • Your must-have/”it” bag or shoes — who scored a major discount and splurged on a bag or shoes they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford?

  • **Guys **– Love to shop and know all the latest labels?  Hate to shop because it takes too much time/effort?  Please tell us how Shop It To Me has helped you in either case!

We’d love to hear from you!  ****

Please email and share your story with us.  Also be sure to include your geographic location, age, and any other interesting facts about yourself that you think we’d like to know.  We can’t wait for the stories to pour in!