Work from Home Essentials - Tops to Wear on Zoom

We have officially entered into a new world of work.

The world of Zoom and other video software meetings.

Zoom or Skype is obviously not new. But with the world in lockdown, it’s certainly the new norm for businesses and professionals all over the globe.

Unlike days in the ‘real’ office, our meetings now require us to showcase our visual professionalism on camera – from the waist up anyway.

With video meetings every day, we’re looking at the best Zoom tops. The tops that work best on video and keep you comfortable and yet professional and smart for all calls.

Why are we focusing on tops? Because let’s be honest, we want PJs or sweat pants on the bottom. And finally, we can!

So, all these tops can just be paired with your most comfortable bottoms for a professional video call look that guarantees all-day comfort too.

Top Tips for Dressing for a Business Zoom Call

Skip Black

It’s always easy to slip into a black top when you’re getting dressed for work – or a work call. But it’s not always the most flattering color to choose.

Wearing black can actually cause your camera to auto-adjust the lighting and settings which can affect the quality of your call. Seriously.

Plus, wearing black on camera also emphasizes the darkness on your face making it look more obvious. And by this, we mean dark circles. Anyone else seeing worse dark circles since we’ve been in lockdown!?

If you love a dark palette – and we do too – then instead, choose navy. Navy is ultimately more flattering on camera but gives you the dark, chic look that you feel comfortable in.

Any of these stylish navy tops will do the trick.

Shirts Always Work

Shirts might be one of our favorite picks for working from home wardrobes and they definitely do the trick when it comes to creating a Zoom call outfit.

Shirts are easy to throw over your most comfortable joggers. If you opt for a slouchy or oversized fit, they’re also supremely comfortable themselves.

Plus, having a sharp or statement collar just makes you look like you’ve made an effort when really, you’ve just thrown a shirt on!

Avoid Branding

It’s best to avoid heavily branded clothing when it comes to video calling. Not only is it a little ‘try-hard’ but it’s also just distracting. Does the virtual office really need to look at Fendi or Adidas splashed across your chest on a Tuesday morning?

Probs not.

Instead, choose minimal and simple tees and tops that look chic without distracting details.

A simple white or grey tee will always do the job. Layer with a couple of necklaces to jazz them up.

Do Color Over Micro Prints

Micro prints like polka dot, stripe or plaid can look strange on camera. They might look blurry and distracting or they might even cause the camera to create what is called a moiré effect. This is when the imaging chip on your camera picks up the pattern and creates a separate pattern which makes your top look like it’s got a weird visual effect. Not great.

Instead, if you want to still make a style statement on camera, opt for bright colors.

The most flattering colors on all skin tones and on camera are jewel tones. Think sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, or citrine yellow.

Always Add Earrings

A quick and easy hack to make sure you always look polished on camera is to add a pair of earrings. Even if you’ve scraped your hair back into a 3-day old pony, a pair of earrings gives you a ‘dressed and ready to go’ look.

It also makes you feel more work-ready too. Try it!

Dress Up Your Shoulders

When you’re on a video call like Zoom, your colleagues or clients can only see your head and shoulders. So why not give them something to look at?

Big shoulders are – or were supposed to be! – one of 2020’s biggest trends. And they are perfect to make a statement on camera. Opt for shirts or cute tops with puff shoulders and exaggerated details for a girly and slightly dressier look, perfect for a fashion or creative-related Zoom business call.

Avoid Silk and Satin Shiny Fabrics

Silky and shiny fabrics, such as metallics, don’t work well on camera.

Although on-trend, these fabrics are too reflective and can create strange effects on camera whether you’re in natural or artificial lighting.

Instead choose matte fabrics, such as simple cotton for a cleaner and more polished look that doesn’t distract or affect the light.

Choose This Season’s Major Style

One of the biggest top trends for women this season is a chic simple knitted polo shirt. This also happens to be the perfect Zoom call top.

Comfortable for lounging but also smartly collared, this style of top creates the illusion of being dressed for work with all the chill of your fave loungewear.

Plus, they are super easy to style with joggers and slippers. So, you won’t want to change after your zoom call.

Black might not work best for a Zoom call but this super chic black H&M collared sweater might be an exception!

Top Zoom Video Call Tips

Alongside our Zoom style tips, here are a few simple Zoom tips to get the best out of video calling and make the best impression.

·     Set up a backdrop

Before you click to enter your Zoom meeting room, check out how your background will look. Not only do you want to make sure that your outfit doesn’t completely match it, but you should also take a look at what’s on show. Try to create a simple and clear backdrop if you can for the least amount of distraction.

·     Consider Lighting

Also, have a play around with lighting before your call. It’s not great to log into Zoom and realize you can barely be seen because of poor lighting. Plus, strong overhead lighting can be particularly unflattering.

Position your laptop or computer next to a window to make the most of natural light directly onto your face – make sure the window isn’t behind you. Or, set up a lamp at face level behind your screen and pointing at you for a flattering light set-up.

·     Have notes ready

Lastly, make some notes before your meeting if you feel a little anxious. Not everyone loves talking on video and it can easily make your mind come to a stop. Have notes ready to make it easy for you to move the conversation on and to cover everything you need.

Make sure your next Zoom meeting is as stylish as possible. Business has evolved and we’re now video calling more than ever before. But that doesn’t mean our work style has to slip. Dress chic and stylish from the waist up and make sure your Zoom colleagues see you like the Boss you are.

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