Work Fashion Part 2: On the Job Style

*workchic-logo1Recently our Trendsetters Jennifer and Melissa, editors of**, guest blogged about what to wear to a job interview. But once you’ve nailed the interview, how to do you spice up your work attire? Here they offer tips on making your work outfits as cute as your weekend wear. *

We all want to exude a personal style in our outfits but sometimes feel stifled at work.  There are plenty of ways to express yourself without breaking the office dress code.  Spring is an easy time to introduce these changes too.  As long as your closet is stocked with some solid basics you can easily add to it with bright colors, fun prints, and feminine silhouettes.

One of the easiest ways is with a printed dress.  These are practically one stop dressing on a hectic morning.  Find a silhouette and print that showcases your personal style.  Then accessorize and layer as appropriate for your office.  A blazer or cardigan would look great over this type of sheath dress; wear a belt over the layers.


If print is not your style, stick to color and interesting silhouettes.  You can also add necklaces, scarves, and shoes to play it up.  Shoes are often an under utilized accessory and practically limitless in their options.  For instance, here are three different shoes that would work with this outfit.


Think about what you wear on the weekends that makes you feel your best and then find an office appropriate version.  You really can create outfits for work that are exciting and chic.  So go shop for spring already!