White Dresses That Could Be Wedding Dresses

More and more women today are turning to department stores to find their dream wedding gowns, and we think that's pretty smart!

We're here to say that you shouldn't be ashamed if you find the wedding dress of your dreams from Nordstrom instead of Kleinfeld. It's not only a budget conscious decision— some women have tons to spend, yet still want to get their wedding dress online from a non-bridal-specific store. And, that's totally A-OK.

Here are our favorite white dresses that could double as wedding dresses

Clearly women's taste in wedding gowns is purely subjective, so instead of just focusing on super specific white dresses, we'll make sure to include many styles that you can vibe off of.

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Flowy Chiffon

A white flowy chiffon dress is definitely a vibe that we can get down with. Easy to wear and authentically romantic, any long chiffon gown = wedding bells.


Some bride-to-be's don't want to wear white, some want to go unconventional, and some future brides choose an avant-garde dress just based on happenstance. Whatever your reason is, know that there are tons of beautiful uncustomary dresses that you can wear, and designers are constantly coming up with new ideas.

That's exactly why we are focusing more on types of wedding dresses rather than discussing the specific characteristics of each dress. Your dress will be different than all of the ones we feature, you know— the same but different, and a reflection of you.

We're just here to let you know that there are plenty of dresses that could double as wedding dresses out there, in case you don't find the dress of your dreams in a bridal shop.

Plain and Simple

Not everyone is into big and puffy fantasy dresses, so if you're looking for something simple and subdued, just know that there's an abundance of classic, demure, and understated dresses waiting for you.

Nothing is too simple, as you can see from the minimalistic column gown above.

Gowns That Sparkle

Don't forget that any gown can sparkle. Once you add the veil, the belt or sash, shoes, jewelry, etc— you can bling the heck out of anything. #blingonblingonbling

The Shorter Wedding Dress

Yepp, the mini wedding dress exists. It's out there and we are down for it. We recently wrote an article on What Type Of Shoes To Wear With A Wedding Dress, and we stand by our choices 100% and we would even be brave enough to do a super strappy lace-up sandal, or even a white open-toed boot or bootie (like Giovanna Battaglia) with these wedding mini dresses.

With dresses like these, any white dress can be a wedding dress!

If you had any doubts about purchasing a white dress that looks like a wedding dress but isn't, maybe it's actually the other way around. Maybe these are ALL wedding dresses that can also double as regular dresses? Do we sound crazy?

Either way, paint yourself the whole picture, imagine the shoes, the accessories, the venue, the vibe— it will all come together beautifully no matter what dress you choose!