Where will Lame Show up Next?


*-noun, *an ornamental fabric in which metallic threads, as of gold or silver, are woven with silk, wool, rayon, or cotton.

Very strange. Very bold. Very uncomfortable. Check out all these crazy places lame has been spotted:

1.       At Wimbledon? Roger Federer sported a custom made tennis outfit designed by Nike. Lame adorned Federer’s jacket, t-shirt, shoes, and even his duffle bag.


2.      * For Kids?* American Apparel has just added a new item to their line of clothes…gold lame leggings…for kids. Now, for just $25, your 4 year old can make this bizarre trend a little bit weirder.


3.       On Kate Moss? Kate Moss actually makes lame look rather stunning. Or maybe it was Marc Jacobs brilliant design. Either way, this is one lame number that I would actually love to own.


4.       In my own wardrobe? I think it would be deceitful for me to write this post without mentioning that I do in fact own a gold lame item of my own. It is officially titled the “shiny halter body-suit” and can be yours for $30 from American Apparel. FYI I wore it to a gold themed party, and it was my sophomore year in high school…are those valid excuses?