Where to Find Style Inspiration - It's All Around Us!

Behind every fashion-forward individual lies their inspiration. Having a hard time finding  yours? Well no worries! Krista from Style Epiphany is here to show us a few great places to collect inspiration from. Be sure to check out her blog – its a fabulous guide for style-savvy women!

Style is an art which thrives in places of great inspiration.  To be stylish, you must consciously welcome inspiration into your life.  That means slowing down, noticing your surroundings and even doing a little research.

Like everyone else, you are a work in progress, and your style should be included in that notion.  As you learn and grow as an individual, you want your style to reflect the current time and who you are.

Here are a few places to find inspiration that will help you express yourself through style:

  • Magazines.* InStyle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Lucky and People Style Watch *are just a few print magazines bursting with style.
  • **Websites. ** Google words like “style,” “fashion,” “beauty” and “2010 fashion trends” to surf your way to style.  Many of your favorite magazines, such as InStyle and People Style Watch also have free information available on their websites.
  • Style blogs.  Independent beauty and fashion niche blogs can provide the latest information on style.  Google until your heart’s content, but don’t forget to use the Shop It To Me Trendsetters directory!
  • Movies and TV.  From Sex and The City and The Rachel Zoe Project to E! coverage of the latest red carpet events, your favorite celebs offer valuable style inspiration.
  • Shopping. Look at the mannequins, talk to salespeople and people watch!
  • Nature. Take the time to smell the flowers, look up at the sky and listen to the birds.  Beauty and fashion are closely linked to nature, so something as simple as the color of a flower can lead to a style epiphany.
  • Your closet. When is the last time you took the time to really look at your wardrobe? Instead of rushing to put on outfits the same way you typically coordinate them, take the time to assess your belongings.  What do you like best, and why?  Which pieces can you put together to create a brand new look?
  • **Your photos. ** Great fashions have a way of cycling and popping back up again.  Take a look at old photos of yourself, friends and relatives for timeless style guidance.