What's Better...Shopping Alone or with Friends?

247styleFriends + Shopping = Blessing or Burden? Meet Laura, a Shop It To Me Trendsetter and author of her very own blog 24-7 Style. She’s broken down the pros and cons of shopping solo versus shopping with the gals. Her great advice will ensure that your future shopping trips yield adorable items that truly complement your personal style!


My two favorite hobbies in the world are spending time with my friends and shopping, but when you mix the two, is it utter bliss or worlds colliding?

On one hand, your true friends will give you their honest opinion…they’ll point out the “lumpiness” you fail to see on the back end.  The flipside of that is the friend or two who do share their opinions, may do so based on *their *own personal style.  One of my dearest friends once told me that I gravitate to the exact opposite of what she does.  She dresses adorably but clearly has a different style than I do.  So…when seeking opinions I’m left wondering if her opinions are based on her own style or my own?  It probably depends on who you ask!

In another “is it a positive or a negative” scenario, I was just in a vintage shop over the weekend with my college roommates who were in town for a visit.  We had JUST had a discussion about my current obsession over jumpers.  While the vintage store we were in was tiny, it wasn’t skimping on pieces, and just as I got distracted by a worn-in Coach saddle-bag, I missed an incredible black jumper with amazing rope detailing and ruffled sleeves!  My faithful friends not only pointed it out but had it off the rack and into the dressing room before I knew it!  As sweet as the gesture was, I (unfortunately) fell in love with the jumper and my wallet was left a little lighter!

At the end of the day, I’m honestly not sure which I prefer.  When I’m alone, I enjoy my “alone” shopping time, and when I’m with my friends I cherish that time and conversation…even if I’m left feeling lumpier and poorer when finished!