What type of spender are you?

**What type of spender are you? **This fun quiz from Smart Cookies will reveal your spending persona, and provide you with custom tips to shop more smartly.

  1. Which of the below spending types do you think best describes you?
  • **Yo-Yo Spender: **A Yo-Yo spender tends to deprive themselves financially some days then overcompensate on other days hoping it will all even out in the end.
  • **Slacker Spender: **A Slacker Spender is someone who prefers convenience over cost (e.g. buying lunch at an overpriced deli near the office instead of walking the extra block to the less expensive sandwich shop).
  • **Sale! Spender: **A Sale! Spender loves a great discount or clearance and tends to scour online for the best deals and coupon codes.
  • **Zombie Spender: **This is someone who pays little attention to where his/her money goes. And when you spend money without thinking about it, it’s very easy to overspend.
  • **Status Spender: **A Status Spender prefers brand names over bargain prices and wouldn’t dream of cutting corners with cheap knock-offs.
  1. Take the spending habits quiz to learn if you are (or aren’t!) each type.

  2. Once you’ve determined your spending personality, check out these tips designed specifically for you.

Share in the comments below what type of spender you are, and if you were surprised by your results!


Smart Cookies developed this spending type survey & tips.  They are a group of five women who joined forces to develop strategies to keep their finances in check, while still looking fabulous and leading event-filled social lives.  They’ve written a book, have their own television show, and share their tips regularly on shows like Oprah.