What To Do With Black, Brown, & Blue

Pencil Skirts and PearlsBlack, brown, and blue are all classic colors and we’ve all heard how they shouldn’t mix, but why not? Combinations of black and blue as well as black and brown are becoming more and more present in fashion, and Chelsa from Pencil Skirts and Pearls* is here to give us some tips on how to wear these colors together in harmony. Be sure to check out her lifestyle and fashion blog and read posts that could help make your life classic, simple, and beautiful. ***

I’m not sure where it came from – my mother, my grandmother, Emily Post, perhaps – but for as  long as I can remember, I’ve always been told there are two colors you never wear with black – brown and navy. However, I’m here to tell you, that by following a few simple guidelines, you can easily combine these neutrals to create classic looks that even the harshest critics would approve of.

  1. Keep it subtle

One of easiest ways to wear either black and navy or black and brown is by keeping it subtle. Choose of the colors to be your dominant in the ensemble, whether it’s black accented with brown or navy accented with black, and go from there. For example, Anne Hathaway looks stunning in this navy dress, even when it’s paired with black shoes. By letting the navy dress be the dominant color, and accenting it with black shoes, she created a fabulous red carpet look.

Anne Hathaway

  1. Layer

Another easy way to arrange black with navy or brown is to layer them under or over each other. One of my favorite ways to ‘winterize’ my navy summer shift dresses is to add a pair of black tights.  Not only does this look great, but it allows me to wear the dress year-round. Another of my favorites is to add a brown cardigan to a little black dress, creating a conservative yet sophisticated ensemble.

3. Break it up

A nice way to integrate these colors is to break them up on your body. One of my favorite winter outfits is my dark brown riding boots, skinny jeans and a black turtleneck. By creating distance between my turtleneck and boots, I can easily wear these colors together for a preppy and low-key weekend look.