What Do You Think of the Word "Trend"?

lipglossbreakIf someone told you you were trendy, would you be flattered? Some people love following trends and others think the word “trend” implies a style that’s follows others and lacks originality. Our Trendsetter Angela of Lipgloss Break* shares her thoughts. If you like what you’re reading (and love makeup tips and giveaways), check out her blog!*


Angela loves that Harajuku girls are always making up their own trends. *


*According to dictionary.com, a trend is style. Trends and styles start as simple designs and/or ideas from individuals. There is no ‘trend committee’ that gathers around a table to decide what is ‘trendy.’ I think it’s an evolution of fashion, always evolving, from one season to the next, and influenced by designers and media, but it doesn’t have to be…it can be influenced by you. *

I love trends, they keep things interesting. What if we all still wore fig leaves everywhere? Yes, I would be able to get ready for work a lot faster in the morning if that were the case, but what fun is that?

Everyone has their own trend ‘line’ that they follow. Some may follow the latest trends from NY Fashion Week, others may make their own. Either way, since you’re the one who is practicing the trend and/or wearing it, it’s yours. It’s your trend, you yourself make it different. Follow your own trends. Remember, trends keep things interesting!