What Colours Should I Be Wearing?

Ever saw something on the racks in a shop or online that looked stunning but when you tried it on, it just totally drained you? That’s not because the color was bad. It’s just because the color was bad for you.

Not everyone can suit every color and every shade. No, that would be far too simple, wouldn’t it? Everyone has a unique skin tone - that can pretty much be narrowed down into either cool, warm or neutral undertones. Depending on whether you have cool, warm or neutral undertones to your skin, you will suit a different range of colors. Then your hair color will further affect which shades will work best for you.

There’s a general misconception that if you’re dark-skinned, you’re always warm and light-skinned people are always cool and this isn’t true! It’s all about the undertones of your skin that reflect your real skin tone and dictate which colors just naturally suit you better.

Here – we’re taking a look at how you can decide which skin tone fits best with you and then how to decide what that means in terms of picking out clothing colors.

What Is Color Analysis?

Color analysis is a service that is now offered by many fashion stylists when you have a one on one session with them. As a professional, they pinpoint your skin type and help you to see which colors will suit you the best and which will be the least flattering and so best avoided. There are even apps you can get on your phone now to help you do a color analysis of your face and skin to help you decide where you stand on the spectrum and help you to start choosing clothes that better suit you.

With this blog – you’ll be able to do this for yourself.

What Skin Tone Am I?

The first thing you need to do before you can decide which colors to start incorporating into your wardrobe is to decide which skin tone you have.

Here, we’re looking at warm, cool or neutral undertones to your skin.

How can you tell?

There are several ways to tell if your skin is cool or warm and when you find it very difficult to tell, it most likely means you are neutral.

Here are a few pointers – but bear in mind that these are generalizations so look through all of them and check that you’re getting consistent answers one way or another:

·     If your veins show as blue or purple, you’re cool. If they show as green or brown, you’re warm.

·     If your skin looks better with silver jewelry, you’re cool. If you look better with gold jewelry, you’re warm.

·     If you burn in the sun, you’re cool. If you tan easily, you’re warm.

·     If your skin has a more pink undertone, you’re cool. If you have a more yellow undertone, you’re warm.

·     Do you easily blush? If yes, you’re cool. If not, you’re warm.

If you want a speedy answer on what skin tone you have – do this quick quiz from Pop Sugar and then come right back!

Try to look at some well-known celebrities who you feel you might look a little similar to in terms of coloring and this might also help.

Cool tone celebrities – Liv Tyler, Kelly Osbourne, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Lupita Nyong’o, Nicole Kidman.

Warm tone celebrities – Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian.

Neutral tone celebrities – Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington, Sandra Bullock, Victoria Beckham.

So, once you’ve decided whether you are warm, cool or neutral, you can look at which colors are going to better suit you.

Which Colors Suit Me?

To start narrowing down which colors suit you, we refer to seasons; spring, autumn, summer, and winter.

If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll be summer or winter and if you’re warm, you’ll be spring or autumn. For neutrals, this is where your hair color will help to decipher where you stand on the spectrum.

Summer – Cool skin tone and ashy blonde or mid-brown hair and light eyes (blue, green or gray).

Winter – Cool skin tone and ashy brown or black hair and deeper green or blue eyes.

Autumn – Warm skin tone and warm red, brown or black hair, and brown eyes.

Spring – Warm skin tone and golden brown or blonde hair with either dark or rich green eyes.

Finally – Let’s look at which colors suit you.

When it comes to deciding which colors suit you, bear in mind that most colors suit most skin tones – it’s just all about the tone and shade of that color and finding the one that best flatters your skin.

Summer Coloring

In general, summer coloring looks best in soft, pastel tones and cool-toned neutrals, like light gray. Lavenders and a range of blues from baby and sky to teal work well and brighter hits of cool-toned pink are a good addition.

Best to avoid – orange, yellow, gold, tan, warm salmon and fuchsia pink.

Here are some great picks for summer colorings that promise to suit and flatter. All from Shop It To Me this season.

Winter Coloring

Winters can be pale or dark-skinned, often with hair that contrasts to skin color. While icy pastels like frosty blue and silver look good other pastels will clash. Deep and rich but cool colors like vivid blues and deep purple work well and black and white always look good. Pine greens work well and pops of raspberry tend to suit winters for some extra color.

Best to avoid – Pastel lilac, pink and blue, brick red, yellow and orange and yellowy creams. Anything in the beige family.

We’ve picked out a couple of perfect fall items that promise to suit a winter coloring.

Autumn Coloring

Autumn colors look best in warm shades with golden and earthy tones. Think gold, red, orange and browns. Hunter greens and burgundy also work well for autumn coloring. Honey and deep coral tones complement an autumn and for lighter options, go for cream and off-white.

Best to avoid – Anything wishy-washy and pastel. Bright fuchsia pink doesn’t tend to work well.

Check out these beaut picks we’ve found that promise to complement an autumn skin tone.

Spring Coloring

Springs are complimented by warm color tones but soft and fresh. Think peaches, warm golden yellows, and salmon pink. Beige and off-white look good but pastels tend to wash out the skin tone. Both lime and mint greens work nicely as well as royal and periwinkle blue.

Best to avoid – Icy tones, pastel yellow, muted neutrals, and browns.

These picks are perfect for a spring coloring and are all from the collections available on Shop It To Me from all your fave brands.

When it comes to working out which colors are going to suit you, remember – not many colors are actually out of bounds, it’s just all about choosing the right shade for you. If you love neutral gray but always think it washes you out – try a light, soft marl gray instead of dark graphite (which is very cold) and you might just be surprised.

Get your colors right and you’ll start to shop in a whole new way, finding pieces that truly flatter you and bring out all that natural beauty. Sign-up today to shop with Shop It To Me and find fashion picks that suit you at a price that feels even better! We’re partnered up with all the biggest retailers around the world to bring you fashion on your terms. Check us out today!