We'll Miss You Interns!

It’s the end of the summer…and that means summer internships come to a close.

Here at Shop It To Me, we’re very sad to say goodbye to our stellar interns — Maddie, Lauren, and Hilary!

You’ve enjoyed their eloquent blog posts, and we’ve immensely enjoyed their positive spirit, motivation, and contributions to the Shop It To Me team.  From Hilary’s obsession with So You Think You Can Dance to Lauren’s celebrity style-sightings from her Salemail, and Maddie’s creativity, flawless grammar and love of Blue Bottle coffee, we will miss them dearly!

You’ll continue to see some of their last few blog posts even though they aren’t physically in the office any more.

Our team sends these ladies off with a smile and great wishes for an excellent school year ahead!

Featured above: Maddie, Lauren, Tamra, and Hilary