Welcome ToryBurch.com, katespade.com, 7ForAllMankind.com, and Splendid.com!

Life just got sweeter – some new fantastic retailers are now included in your Shop It To Me Salemail! We are extremely excited to welcome to ToryBurch.com, which appeared in Salemail for the first time today, showcasing some gorgeous items to make any lady look summer-chic and glowing.

Also, welcome to 7ForAllMankind.com, KateSpade.com, and Splendid.com.  If you’ve selected these brands as part of your profile, you’ll now see additional items in your Salemail!  If you haven’t already selected these brands, edit your profile now.


Here’s a sample from today’s Salemail – items you’ll want to pounce on:

Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Splendid

1.Tory Burch ‘Letitia Jacket’ Reg: $495.00, Now: $297.00

  1. Kate Spade ‘Park Slope Opus’ Reg: $375.00, Now: $281.00

  2. Tory Burch ‘Metallic Zander Sandal’ Reg: $375.00, Now: $225.00

  3. 7 for All Mankind ‘Keyhole Dress’ $185.00, Now: $89.00

  4. Splendid ‘Mini Melange Stripe Short Sleeve’ Reg: $47.00, Now: $32.90

  5. Tory Burch ‘Daniela Thong’ Reg: $250.00, Now: $150.00

  6. Kate Spade ‘Plaza Jocelyn’ Reg: $195.00, Now: $99.00

  7. Tory Burch ‘Briza Sandal’ Reg: $265.00, Now: $159.00

****9. Splendid ‘Jersey Cardigan with Epaulets’ Reg: $76.00, Now: $53.20

  1. 7 for All Mankind ‘Zipped Gwenevere in Los Feliz’ Reg: $215.00, Now: $129.00