We Think Natasha Bedingfield Might Have Looked at Us

Recently we were invited to see a concert at the radio station Star 101.3. We were stoked, especially because the artist was Natasha Bedingfield! We were sitting so close to her we could just about reach out and touch her, (but we didn’t — that would be creepy.)

She’s a fantastic performer, seemed totally down to earth, and sang all our favorites. And it must be said that both she and her guitar player had a great sense of style. In fact, halfway through the performance Natasha got hot and took off her leather jacket, and we strained to subtlely take a peek at the label.  (We failed, by the way — couldn’t see the label, and I’m pretty sure people saw us trying to catch a glimpse. It was awkward.)

Anyway, isn’t her outfit adorable? She has the laid-back rocker look down.


And just when we started to get “Unwritten” out of our heads, what do we see in the April issue of Marie Claire but a full page featuring Natasha Bedingfield! In the article she talked about her travels as an ambassador for Global Angels, a charity her mom founded to support orphaned or abused children.

The work is serious, but she’s all smiles in her photos. “I’m not saying I’m some saint,” she said in the article. “It’s just that when you help someone else, it helps you.” Spoken like the type of person you’d expect to have written an album called Pocketful of Sunshine. Right now she has even more to smile about since she just got married in Malibu! You can check out more Natasha Bedingfield photos on Star 101.3’s site.