Wacky Runway

SporK Fashion LogoFashion shows are full of outfits you want to wear right off the runway, especially from ready-to-wear collections. However, even in these collections you’ll see some interesting styles that you might not be quite ready to wear just yet. For now, they’re just fun to look at. Spork Fashion’s Alyse Wax is here to share their favorite wacky fashions from the New York and London fall collections. Be sure to check out Spork Fashion to learn about new, emerging, and indie fashion designers.

**Over at SporkFashion.com, we focus on indie and emerging fashion designers, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love the big runway shows, where established names can afford to go over-the-top.  While the true theatrics don’t get underway until the couture shows, ready-to-wear offered some weird, wonderful, and wacky pieces.  Below are some of our favorites from the New York and London fall collections.

Vivienne Westwood – Too timid to let it all hang out?  Vivienne Westwood can help you out with her t-shirt sporting a pair of photo-realistic breasts across the front.  Be prepared for flushed faces, stammered speech, and a shifting gaze.

London - Vivienne Westwood

Todd Lynn – Big shoulders got bigger at Todd Lynn’s London show – and they sprouted fur.

London - Todd Lynn

L.A.M.B. – A conservative button-down blouse and black slacks are not exactly the L.A.M.B. way.  Gwen Stefani spiced it up with a vintage-style garter belt.  It looks like it came from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour costume rack


Unique – This London label lives up to its name with a warm, cozy, layered collection.  Perfect for cold November evenings, or a Where the Wild Things Are reenactment.

London - Unique

Louise Gray – It’s a coat! It’s a shawl!  It’s a quilt!  Snuggies go high end with Louise Gray’s eclectic hobo-boho look.

Meadham Kirchhoff – The first thing you notice about this ensemble is the near-opaque veil topped with a bright pink crown.  But poke around, and you will find all sorts of odd quirks: nylon harem pants, peep-toe clogs (with socks, of course), and some hot pink accents that defy description.

London - Meadham Kirchhoff

Betsey Johnson – The always lovable Betsey Johnson took the wild west theme to a whole new plane of existence.  Old-fashioned long johns are topped off by saloon-style dresses made in a revolver print.  No outlaw’s outfit would be complete without a six-shooter, badge, and a “stick-em-up” mask.

NY - Betsey Johnson

About Alyse Wax: A native of Los Angeles, Alyse has turned her obsessive need to shop into something productive with her Spork Empire: SporkFashion.com, SporkBeauty.com, and SporkLiving.com.  When she isn’t shopping, she is a television producer and writer.  Alyse’s TV credits include Big Brother, Style Star, and Penn & Teller: Off the Deep End.  Her articles have appeared in Teen People magazine, Hollywood.com, and FearNet.com.  She lives in Los Angeles with a house full of boys: one husband, two dogs, and a rabbit.  They live walking distance to a mall.