Tips and Tricks from Wardrobe Stylists, Urban Darling

We’re big fans the of Bay-Area stylists over at Urban Darling. Not only are they all for building confidence and helping women discover their most stylish selves, but they have also developed a great online presence and nationwide team, so they can be there to offer fashion advice wherever you are!

We got to talking with Corinne Phipps, founder of Urban Darling, and she was kind enough to share with us some tips and tidbits we think you will find helpful!

What brands do you recommend for professional women, trying to look their best without breaking the bank?

Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor LOFT and even Elie Tahari have beautiful (and reasonable) suits. LOFT’s style has changed over the last few years and it’s got a more approachable vibe. For tops, Zara and Banana Republic are good options.

Any tips for women who have limited time to shop but want to keep up with what’s current in fashion?

*Hire us to come and shop with you. Once we know you body type we can hunt out your brands you like. We can help set up your Shop It To Me account! *

Also, online shopping is the best bet when it comes to saving time, but you have to spend a little time going to a few stores to test fit.

Any great shoe brands you’d recommend that look stylish but are still comfortable to wear all day?

Frye is by far my favorite shoe brand. Via Spiga makes a gorgeous heel – the “Ryan” pump can sell itself.  For those with fussy feet (arch problems, long toes, skinny ankles) AGL is a nice brand. And Cole Haan with the Nike Air is a great option.

Do you have any tips for taking an outfit from day to night?

First, swap out that heavy satchel you carry to work for an envelope clutch. Then just take off the skirt or pants and throw on jeans. Bam! Ready to go.

What are some of the best ways to dress up a basic black dress?

Women get stuck in the black-on-black so frequently that they have trouble seeing out of their “black-hole”! The easiest ways to change the basic black dress is to switch up the heels. Try a hot pink or electric blue heel, heck, even a pattern will do. Wear a big bold statement necklace with little studs or the reverse big bold earrings and a dainty necklace.