Turn Back the Clock with the ‘80s Fashion You Can Wear Today

When people think of ‘80s fashion, some faces turn to panic. With a mind filled to the brim with Jane Fonda’s big hair and headbands, Spandex leotards and leg warmers or Madonna’s ‘80s look; fishnets, perms, and skintight everything, it’s hard to think “chic”. But for a second, try to forget Tina Turner’s mullets and reminisce over the more stylish side of 1980’s fashion because it’s there somewhere. We promise!

Think of the many looks Princess Diana gave to us during the ‘80s or the sharp fierceness of Grace Jones.

‘80s fashion trends were so much more than Cyndi Lauper’s neon color hair and eyeshadow and the hipster street style that bought with it a host of drop crotch pants that should never be seen again.

There are actually parts of ‘80s fashion that could totally be worn right now and you know what? There are quite a few trends popping up for the next season that are directly inspired by…yes, that’s right, the ‘80s.

So, if you’re a little judgemental of this period of time, let us leave behind the bad parts of ‘80s fashion trends and show you the best bits and the bits you’re going to see more of as the fall trends start to really kick in.

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‘80s Style Denim

When we think about ‘80s denim, our first thoughts are hip-hop-inspired acid-wash, big shoulders, and ultra-preppy denim miniskirts and matching denim jacket combinations. But really, it was totally all about the high waisted jeans, which are undeniably the biggest and hottest jeans of the moment right now.

Whether you love skinny jeans or mom or boyfriend jeans, high waists are everywhere and with denim a huge trend for fall this year, we may as well all embrace some ‘80s denim.

Opt for looser fits for a more contemporary look, trying high waisted jeans with straight or slouchy fits. Style with anything from a cropped or knotted graphic tee to a cutesy floral off-the-shoulder top, perfect for summer.

Power Suits

Tailoring and real suiting have been having a fashion moment for a couple of seasons and this fall, it’s heading to another level.

However, if you all think back a little, weren’t power suits for women born and made into what they are today in the ‘80s? Yes, they were! From Grace Jones’ iconic black oversized shoulder suits to the bright and statement red and pink suits that were a huge trend back then, statement suiting was huge and it’s a great way to bring back the look in a contemporary way.

Think oversized, double-breasted blazers, nipped sharply at the waist to create shape and bold wide-leg trousers. You might style it with a lacy bralet instead of a pussy-bow blouse now but the suits are remarkably similar.

For the oncoming season, bright hues are where it’s at for street style vibes but we’ll also be seeing lots if classic blacks, navy’s and greys coming through making the look so much more workwear wearable. As long as you keep the fits and cuts modern.

Shoulder Pads

Leading on from the power suit trend, shoulder pads were huge in the ‘80s and not just for statement blazers. Shoulder pads came in the form of shirts, blouses, dresses, and even knitwear, giving every type of top a sharp, edgy finish with extra volume across the neckline.

While shoulder pads have been out in the style stakes for a decade or two, they’ve been creeping back in in the form of oversized tailoring for a couple of seasons and for fall this year, shoulder pads and huge statement shoulder detailing is a serious trend.

When it comes to going for the statement shoulder trend, why not go all out. This isn’t a style space for half-trying. Go for huge statement pieces with extra detail and loads of volume. If you’re going to do a little ‘80s throwback, why not just go for it, right!?

‘80s Glam

It might not be for everyone when it’s head to toe but sequins, sparkle and all things ‘80s glam can be added to any look in some capacity no matter what your style. Get some inspo from the likes of Joan Collins and think jewel-dripping earrings and necklaces but also grab inspiration from the summer runways. Think Halpern and Gucci for sparkle done well, even for daytime.

It’s easy to add ‘80s inspired glam to your look. Whether you opt for a jewel embellished dress or a simple and basic turtleneck or bodysuit layered with just the right jewelry, you can use the trend to create a look that exudes your own style.

This summer the trend is OTT jewels which lends itself perfectly to throwing back to ‘80s style. However you wear it, dare to layer up and don’t just think jewelry. Also consider embellished fashion, bejeweled shoes and even handbags and accessories.

Bike Shorts

A couple of seasons ago, you would never believe that the short leggings that were so huge in the ‘80s could ever come back into style. But here we are and bike shorts are back.

Whether they’re being paired with t-shirts or sweatshirts and fanny packs with high-top sneakers or dressier crop tops and leather jackets with heels, bike shorts can be seen everywhere right now and as much as you try to resist, aren’t you a little tempted to try this trend?

Even if you’re not too sure about the look, the comfort that comes along with bike shorts was enough to tempt us to try it and guess what? We never looked back!

To make bike shorts look chic for 2019 and not just a strange throwback to the ‘80s, style them with oversized boyfriend tees that show just the bottom couple of inches of the short or layer them with a crop tank and either wrap a plaid shirt around your waist or add an oversized blazer or rugged leather.

Just add some coin necklaces and your favorite Ray-Bans and you’re good to go. Bringing ‘80s style directly into 2019.

Changed your mind a little bit about ‘80s influences in fashion?? We hope so!

Although there is so much to forget about ‘80s style, or at least not replicate in 2019, there are so many awesome influences we can take from it too. And at the very least, when it comes to looking back in time, it’s super fun, right?

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