Trendsetter Spotlight on Holly in Heels

Shoe envy has brought on a whole new meaning since we chatted with Holly, founder of Holly in Heels (aka a shoe lovers paradise). Holly is a Shop It To Me Trendsetter with two shoe closets (say what?!) and an affinity for ’90s music. Get to know Holly and her wonderful world of shoe blogging!

Holly in Heels blog

Shop It To Me:  How long have you been blogging, and what inspired you to start?
Holly:  It seems like I’ve been blogging about shoes since the minute I could put them on! But in reality, I started in 2010.

I was originally inspired to blog after watching my sci-fi-loving husband do some non-stop blogging about his passion: nerd stuff… I thought to myself “what do I have that I love that much?” — the answer was SHOES!

The more that I blogged and browsed online for the hottest heels, cutest kicks, and latest styles, the more my love for fashion grew. And with a name like Holly, the name “Holly in Heels” just stuck! From my blogging, a whole new life of freelance writing began, and now this Miss Holly in Heels is a regular contributor to the fastest-growing fashion + lifestyle magazine in Orange County, CA, Locale.

******SITM:  How do you normally build an outfit? Walk us through your process.
  **Oh wow. It’s usually a lot of primping in front of the mirror to get my make-up and hair at its best–and that’s my palate. I could never quite plan my outfits ahead of time or the night before, they always reflect the way I’m feeling on that day. I usually start with an idea in my head of what I’ll be doing that day and what would be fun to sport while doing it (heading to a coffee shop to write, to the mall to shop, or headed on a spontaneous road trip up Pacific Coast Highway). From there, I build an outfit that usually contains a pop of color, pattern or texture, then find some accessories–and the shoes are always the finishing touch! It’s super fun to dig through one of my two shoe closets (oh yes) and find just the right icing on the outfit cake.

Holly | One of two shoe closets

****SITM:  **Name one fashion or beauty essential for each season that you can’t live without.
HIH:  **You KNOW this is gonna be all about shoes, right? Ok here goes…

  • Winter: a great suede boot or bootie is a MUST, color optional.
  • Spring: a neutral patent or leather heel–good for any outfit, I promise.
  • Summer: a pop of color with a wedge heel. Perfect to show off those tanned summer legs!
  • Fall: animal print anything, always a classic–pumps, kitten heels or flats, you pick!

SIT****M:  Okay, spill it. Any favorite online stores?
HIH:  Soooo many, but here are my Top 3:  Piperlime is my go-to. I look to them for fashion trends, new designers and sweet online deals. Then, if I can’t make it in-store, I head to Nordstrom – I just love the fashion inspiration they have from online stylists. Aaaand, of course Shop It To Me  has amazing deals and steals for this girl on a budget.

SITM: **** What determines when you buy full price items vs. when you buy sale items?
HIH:  Oh man, I think if I reeeeally want it, I’ll buy it full price. But when I come across a good sale my signature saying is “I’d practically be losing money if I didn’t buy it!”. I just can’t pass up a sale when I see one!

Holly in Heels

**SITM:  **Now that you can choose to see your Shop It To Me email organized by either retailer, by clothing type or by brand, what method do you prefer//why do you shop that way?
**HIH:  **I love to see my SITM emails by brand–I get a big Friday morning coffee and get my inner fashion blogger prepared to cross my fingers for good deals on designer items like Tory Burch, Ella Moss and DVF, and then move to less expensive ones like J.Crew and Urban Outfitters lines. I love to see what the different designers and collections throw my way!

****SITM:  **We’re all about time-saving here at Shop It To Me. Can you share a time-saving trick that’s part of your daily routine?
**HIH:  ****You might laugh at this, but I have to say it all comes down to two words: dry shampoo. I have this cheap-o Suave Dry Shampoo (I’ve also tried “Psssssst!” Dry Shampoo) that does wonders for my greasy-ness and volume when I need I am short on time! A must-have in every girl’s product drawer.

Holly in Heels

**SITM:  **Any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or a fashion faux pas you want to share?
HIH:  I won’t tell a lie: I love the mystic tan. I know you do too, come on! It’s quick and easy and I get that glow that I want every time!…well, almost every time. I’d say my biggest faux pas was getting a little too dark of a mystic spray just a day before a big wedding that I was in. The little flower girl asked me how my skin got that color, and I think I was as red as my shoes. Thank goodness for loofas–yikes!

SITM: **** Tell us something unique to you —  after all, it’s what makes you YOU!
HIH:  My good friends (and those who attend my birthday house-parties) know this, but I love 90’s music. Third Eye Blind, Alanis, The Fugees, Weezer, The Breeders–heck, I even had my first dance be an Edwin McCain song at our wedding! Fashion of the ‘90s…not as much…but throw on The Cranberries album and I’m yours!

**SITM:  **Anything else?
**HIH:  **Tweet me @hollyinheels and let me know a little bit about YOU! I love to connect and make fashion friends!
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