Tips from 5 busy (and stylish) accountants!

Tax season can be, well, a taxing time of year — especially for accountants. We recently caught up with a few busy CPAs to get their time-saving tricks, style faves and professional tips. They definitely know how to get more from their 24!

What are useful ways you save time during tax season when you don’t have a minute to spare?

*****Tiffany:  *****I put my phone in another room so I don’t hear the constant “ding” of new emails or Facebook posts and feel compelled to look. In between files I will take a moment to check emails and do replies. At this time of year, I don’t leave the house this unless it’s to meet a client. So, any personal errands I need to handle are scheduled on the way to or from.

Ken:  I come in very early…between 6 and 7 AM to avoid most of the morning rush-hour, and I’m on the clock / billable sooner. I also leave late. I will avoid all the rush-hour traffic headed home. When I’m going to be in my office, I’ll bring breakfast and lunch.

***Chrissy:  ** *I plan out my outfits the night before so I’m organized and efficient in the morning. I also use NextBus to track the train and bus I take to work, so I can plan when to leave. I like to listen to the TV news while I’m getting ready. If I miss the weather report, I’ll check it on an app before I leave the house.

Ken and Tiffany

What sacrifices do you make when you’re so short on time?

***Daina: ***I have definitely been skipping the gym and eating out more.  During busy season we usually order food for dinner every night and eat at our desks (which makes the consequences of skipping the gym much worse). Also, there is less time to just relax and enjoy the day.

What are the workhorses of your working wardrobes? Any favorite styles or outfits of the moment?

***Chrissy: ***I love everything from Theory and J Crew. We’re business casual and I love to wear skirts with patterns and colors, paired with simple cardigans and statement jewlery. I just bought a Tory Burch Marion Ribbon Tweed jacket in blue which I am dying over. I wear it with a dark blue skirt and white shirt or jeans and a blue and white stripped shirt. I love the floral trend right now and all of the colors we are seeing. I think that dressing clothes you love makes you feel better about yourself and more motivated to work.

***Simona: ***I love to mix vintage and contemporary pieces but have always been drawn to classic looks for work/meetings, i.e. sheath dresses, pencil skirts and cashmere sweaters, and of course great pumps in all styles, (all I ask is that the heel is a minimum of 3 1/2″ but prefer 4-5″ including a platform) and fabulous bags. I favor vintage (having been collecting since the age of 10ish influenced by my Grandmother, Raizy Pearl.  You can read about her within “About Raizy Pearl” on my website,

Any other advice you can lend to readers?

***Daina: ***This was my first year working (and surviving) busy season and I found that there were little things that helped me through this busy time. I tried to work out as much as possible, even if it was just doing 8 minute abs in my living room.  In addition I found it important to have some social time each week, even if that meant sacrificing a little bit of sleep.

Simona: During tax season I make an effort to eat clean (only complex carbs mostly comprised of fruits/veggies, and a lot of lean protein) and get to the gym as much as possible.

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