The Truth Behind Clothes - A Gift Idea!

Another interesting fashion-related book to share with you…

For those curious about how clothing comes to be, this book could be a great gift: “Where Am I Wearing”

It apparently takes an inside look at how clothing is manufactured, and uncovers many truths behind the industry.  The author, blogger Kelsey Timmerman, traveled to the factories and communities where five of his favorite pieces of clothing were made.  The reviews share that in “Where Am I Wearing”, Timmerman chronicles his interactions in these various countries and provides a perspective and commentary on globalization and outsourcing.


*Timmerman shares: *

“In the past I didn’t give much thought to where my clothes were made or who made them. But after riding a roller coaster with garment workers, bowling with them, meeting their families, and sharing bowls of rice prepared over gas stoves during power outages, I can’t help but care. But let’s back it up a bit.

*On my global quest to answer the question “Where Am I Wearing?” I picked my favorite items out of my wardrobe and traced them back to where they were assembled. I went to Bangladesh to visit the factory where my underwear was made, Honduras for my favorite T-shirt (it’s got a pic of Tattoo from *Fantasy Island), Cambodia for my all-American blue jeans, and China for my flip-flops.”

On a personal note, I once went on a trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras where in addition to building homes, we visited knit garment factories and interacted with the workers.  It was a fascinating experience and opened my eyes to the beginning of a garment’s life.  Seems like this could be a great holiday read – adding it to my wishlist!