The safest bet/no regret purchase you’ll make all year: Premium Return Protection from American Express!

Premium Return Protection from American Express

Trucker hats? Harem pants? A skirt that is a little shorter than you anticipated after buying online? An orange sweater that looked amazing on the model, but makes you look like an orange?

Yep, these are just a few of the purchase regrets we’re all guilty of making. But a purchase you’ll never regret (and we mean never) is Premium Return Protection from American Express. Premium Return Protection allows you to shop online or in-store with the security that American Express has your back and will accept eligible purchase returns made with any debit, charge or credit card – not just an American Express – for up to six months – even after a retailer’s return policy has expired.

Retailers on average have a purchase return policy of about one month. With Premium Return Protection, you don’t have to worry about missing a purchase return window. Refunds from American Express are provided in your choice of a check or an American Express gift card.

An annual enrollment costs $49.99, and can cover purchase returns for up to 180 days and up to $600 per item! Plus—major bonus!—it also covers some restocking fees and return shipping costs. In other words, Premium Return Protection gives you the freedom to shop the way you want: with confidence. So, go ahead and buy those neoprene jeans—we won’t judge!

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