The Not-So-Curious Case of an Oscars Fashionista

Today’s post is by Buford Betty, a Shop It To Me Trendsetter. We love reading her blog to get a window into her fashion-filled life in the ‘burbs, and for some straight-talk advice on saving money. Here she dishes on her awards season style icon.

As a self-proclaimed awards show junkie, I have to say this time of year is one of my favorites!  The Golden Globes….the SAG Awards… and in a few weeks, the Academy Awards!  I’m glued to the shows from beginning to end, but nothing beats watching the stars glide down the red carpet.  I imagine actors especially love the opportunity to showcase their own style.  After all, they’re on screen portraying someone else most of the time, right?

Can you imagine the pressure though?  Knowing the world will be scrutinizing you from head to toe the minute you step out of your limo?  The hits and misses are always fun to gab about at the water cooler on Monday morning.  And one actress that continues to surprise me year after year, show after show, is Cate Blanchett.  She always hits the mark, but fashion aside, I think she’s absolutely stunning.  Her beauty is simple and pure, but when she steps on the red carpet, she’s breathtaking.  And it’s not just the fabulous frocks she’s draped in… it’s how she’s carries herself.

Among my favorite Cate Oscar gowns is the metallic grey Armani Prive number from 2007.  Can we say fierce?!


And then she follows up in 2008, sporting a beautiful baby bump under a gorgeous purple gown by Dries van Noten.  Two completely different looks that she pulls off effortlessly!


But I must say my all-time favorite (at least so far), is Cate’s lemon yellow Valentino from the 2005 Oscars.  One of my least-favorite Oscar shows actually… that was the year they tried to do that whole award hand-off in the aisle thing.  Not cool, Academy.  If I’m winning an Oscar, I’m getting my moment on stage! Ahem…  anyway, Cate’s gown that evening stole the show for me.  I loved the unusual color and it was so crazy fabulous with the brooch on the shoulder and the belted waist.


So needless to say, I’m super excited to see what Cate will step out in at this year’s Academy Awards.  Who will you be watching?