The Grand Dilemma...Summer vs. Fall

It’s that funny time of year, where the weather is still allowing us to catch the summer sunshine rays, but stores are increasingly starting to flow in fall merchandise. My heart gets excited thinking about fall, but my head says to focus on summer. Leaves us in quite the quandary of how should we be spending our money when shopping!

The summer goods are on super-sale right now, and with a few months left of heat, you can still make good use of these items. Being July, it’s not like you have to shove them in the closet and whip them out next summer…you can still sport these pieces multiple times before the weather truly changes. You can’t quite equate buying summer sale clothing with buying Christmas ornaments on sale in early January!

BUT, while you can score some amazing summer deals right now (think bathing suits, sundresses, etc), I’m personally pretty tired of the same summer trends, and feel like the styles this year weren’t particularly flattering on most. Enough of the pregnant-looking tops, bold graphic prints, and to-the-ground dresses — I’m ready for more cozy and layered fall looks in neutral shades.

The Nordstrom anniversary sale (you can preview the catalog here) that starts this Friday 7/18 is especially getting me excited. This is the time of year when they mark the clothing down BEFORE it goes back to regular price (8/4), allowing us to score some amazing deals on fall goods pre-season.

Overall, my July bias is to purchase items that can be worn during the final wind-down of summer, AND have an extended life lasting into the fall (think thin layering sweaters, peep-toe shoes, etc). Top top off my confusion, the trickiest part is that here in San Francisco, we experience chilly fall weather throughout July, and when the rest of the U.S. gets fall, we’ll finally get our summer! Now I’m really left puzzled with what to do!