The election party is coming up...What do I wear?

At Shop It To Me, we have been riveted by a very exciting election cycle.  Given all of the news cycles dedicated to the election (and recently to fashion choices by both candidates),  we thought it would be fun to look at the differences in brand preferences by campaign.

So, we compared women’s brands preferences for our users who live in blue states  (states leaning heavily for Obama/Biden), to those who live in the red states (leaning heavily for McCain/Palin)

Red States and Blue States courtesy of fivethirtyeight.comRed States and Blue States courtesy of fivethirtyeight.comHere’s what we found!

If you want to show off your Red State roots, you might want to wear White House Black Market, Chicos, Nautica, Coldwater Creek, To The Max, Liz Claiborne,  Ralph Lauren Polo or Crocs.   Users who live in Red States were 30-50% more likely to choose these brands in their Shop It To Me profile.

If you want to present yourself as a Blue State member, you might want to wear brands like Sigerson Morrison, Tsubo, AG, L.A.M.B, Antik Denim,  Hard Tail, Triple 5 Soul, Costume National, Botkier, Derek Lam and Vince. Users in the Blue states were 30-50% more likely to select these brands.

And If you want dress in a bi-partisan fashion, we recommend wearing Banana Republic, UnderArmour, Vera Wang, Adidas, DKNY or Dolce & Gabbana as they performed equally well for Red State and Blue State users!

(Of course, there are still plenty of Shop It To Me users living in Red States who love brands like Sigerson Morrison and Antik Denim, and a lot of Blue State users who are into Liz Claiborne, Coldwater Creek and Crocs…)

Whatever you wear during Tuesday’s election, make sure it matches the color of your “I Voted” sticker! Mismatches are so unpatriotic.