The Classic Debate – Are Flip Flops Okay for the Office?

accordingtoerinWhen it comes to the great debate of whether or not flip flops are okay for the office, our Trendsetter Erin of Everything According to Erin says…yes and no. (I guess you could call her a flip flopper.) Here she explains. To read more of Erin’s insights on fashion and life, take a look at her blog!


One of the most controversial topics regarding summer fashion is whether or not flip flops (not sandals – actual fabric between your toes flip flops) are appropriate for the office.  My opinion on this could probably frustrate you, but is: it depends on the office.

Way back when I was a teacher, there was no way you could have gotten me to wear flip flops to school.  Not only was it not professional for my work environment but it was also dangerous.  However, being that I am now working in an office where jeans are everyday and “dressing up” means putting on a pair of khakis – flip flops are acceptable, but (yes there is a but here), it depends on the flip flops themselves.

In my personal opinion, a flip-flop is acceptable if it is more than just those plastic kinds that you wore in the showers in college.  For example, I will wear my Lilly Pulitzer Mc Kims to my office – they are well made and about as professional looking as you’re going to get in a flip flop.  I will also wear my J. Crew critter flip flops as they have a bit more substance than your normal flip flop.

Another contingency about wearing flip flops to the office is what you’re wearing them with.  Typically, I believe that a flip flop worn with structured jeans or dress pants works better than when worn with a skirt or dress.  This is because the length of the pant balances out the flimsy-ness of the shoe, giving an overall stylish but not sloppy look.

And, sorry if I appear sexist – but, I don’t ever think that flip flops are appropriate foot wear for men in the office.