The Best Fashion Advice I've Ever Received

byhillarybadgeLet’s face it – shopping is one of those things that can be pretty tough to master. By Hillary is here to share a few tips she’s picked up along the way to help us avoid those “What was I thinking?” impulse purchases! Check out her blog for witty musings on fashion, beauty, and the hunt for discount designer items.

Some of the best advice regarding shopping I have ever heard really doesn’t have to do with the actual act of shopping at all. It is all in being prepared for shopping.

Before you hit the stores:

  • Take an inventory of your closet, a real inventory. What do you have a lot of? What don’t you ever wear? What colors do you really love and also look best on you?

  • Take the time one afternoon to turn all your hangers backwards and as you wear items put them back with the hanger the correct way. In a few months assess what is still backwards. Do you actually ever wear it? Consider donating or selling it if you don’t.

  • Make a list of what your fashion needs are. Do you need a pair of dress pants? How about a special occasion dress? Write it down and while you are at it write down some wish list items. Things you would just love to have because.

  • Sign up for all your favorite stores email lists. Frequently they will send you coupons and private sale notices.


Hitting the store:

  • Wear something that is easy to slip off to try things on. Never buy anything without trying it on.

  • When shopping only buy what you love. It is not enough to love an item, you must love how it looks on your body. Sounds simple but think about it. Why would you buy something you just like? Why not just hand over the money now because you probably won’t get your use out of it.

  • Check the tags. Is it a dry clean only item? Can you afford the dry cleaning bill? Does it fit into your lifestyle?

  • Love an item not in your budget? Head home and check their online store. Google for coupon codes. Many times you can get items online at a deep discount.