Survey results: the hour women most want to lose

It’s nearly Daylight saving time, that annual day when we “spring ahead”, giving up an hour so we gain extra daylight in the early eves.

Since our raison d’etre here at Shop It To Me is to save the time-starved by making shopping for the clothes you want fast and easy, we thought it would be interesting to ask members how they feel about the impending clock change.

More than half of you said change your clocks as you get ready for bed Saturday night, while another third wait until Sunday morning.  Not surprisingly, our survey found that 82% of you are looking forward to it staying lighter out later each evening.  10% are unhappy about getting up in a darker morning.

We were most curious about which hour of the day you would most like to give up if you had a choice.  Almost 38% would be happy to lose an hour of laundry and household chores; 28% would gladly give up an hour spent in meetings, and 22%, an hour of commuting or chauffeuring duties.


What would you do if you could get that lost hour back?  We were surprised to learn that only 28% of you would sleep!  More than 18% would spend the hour with family or friends and 17% would watch TV or read.  Interestingly, Shop It to Me members are almost twice as likely to spend the hour exercising (16%) as having sex (9%).  Note to significant others, you might lament that stat.

Finally, 12% of you said that, if you had the extra hour back, you would spend it shopping!  (Now, that’s our kind of people!). Stay tuned for tips from some busy bloggers on how they eke out more from their daily 24, a Michael Kors watch giveaway, and special daylight saving-themed pop up shops featuring time-saving wardrobe workhorses.

Methodology: Shop It To Me, the free online personal shopper, surveyed female online shoppers March 2-6, 2012.  The data is based on 986 responses.