Style Tips to Sharpen Up Your Closet This Season

Style Tips for The Chicest Winter Style

Sometimes winter dressing can end up with just choosing outfits and dressing for warmth. But winter is actually our fave season for fashion and that’s because there is SO much opportunity to experiment!

When it comes to creating super chic and stylish winter looks, you have a lot to play with. From leather and tailoring to accessories and the color and textures that comes with the festive season. Winter has it all. So, forget just loading up on heavy knitwear and leggings (although we all love that from time to time) and take a peek at our top 6 style tips for creating super chic outfits this wintertime.

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Invest in An Oversized Blazer

This season, we’re seeing more oversized blazers than ever. Maybe it’s because people are opting for less dressy looks and they want a quick and easy way to add instant chic style with minimal effort? We’re not sure, but that’s our guess! Plus, they just look so good!

An oversized blazer (or boyfriend blazer as some are calling them) is much wider on the shoulders which instantly gives you that power dressing vibe. They can be longline or more cropped depending on your style, because the ‘oversized’ look comes mainly from the shoulder.

This belted blazer from Topshop is a stylish way to do the oversized look while retaining shape.

Layer Roll Necks with ANY Dress

Layered looks in winter are always a good idea. And if we can get some use out of our summer and fall dresses through the winter months, then even better!

All you need for this chic outfit idea is a simple roll neck. If you’re going to be layering, you need a roll neck that’s slimline and not too warm (you don’t want to be regretting your layering choices mid-way through a festive dinner!). If you like more fitted dresses, it might also be worth opting for a roll neck bodysuit instead of a top or fine sweater to keep your silhouette super smooth.

Head to Toe Monochrome

We always LOVE a head to toe monochrome look. But in the winter, it just looks even better. Maybe it’s because of all the different components that make up a winter outfit. But we love it when matching separates pair up with a coordinating coat for a complete top to bottom look. Plus, some accessories, obviously. It’s so sharp and so chic. Even if the look is super casual.

Here’s how we’d be doing it.

Make Your Coat Your Top Priority

Often a coat ends up being an afterthought for your outfit. We’ll spend ages choosing a look with just the right shoes and jewelry in front of the mirror. And then, we’ll run out of the house grabbing a coat from the hallway just before we head out the front door. And our coats are often our most worn item because we wear them over and over again over so many different looks.

So, this season, sharpen up any look with the perfect coat. And we mean any look. Listen, we’re being realistic. This season, many of us will be spending lots more time in relaxed loungewear and sweats rather than dressed up. Right? But whether you’re nipping for a coffee, heading out to do the big food shop for the holidays or walking the dog, we’re all wearing our winter coat. So, you may as well make it a good one.

A great winter coat can be thrown over any laidback look and you’re instantly chic.

These are the coats we’d be layering over any look for instant style points.

Match Your Leathers to Your Boots

If the head to toe monochrome look isn’t your vibe, this is a look that gives a nod to the head to toe look but in a more versatile way. Pairing up your leather pants with your leather boots.

Whether you stick to all black, go for this season’s ‘new black’ AKA chocolate brown or lighten it up with a brighter hue leather, pairing your pants with your boots not only looks cool AF but it also lengthens the legs and creates a very flattering but edgy silhouette. We’re very into it.

Up top, just add a simple knit or cami and then a blazer or chic coat to complete the look.

Go Statement on Jewels

If there was ever a time to play with bold and statement jewelry, it’s now. Whether you’re doing something festive or keeping it quiet and simple this season, choosing some stand-out jewelry can level up an outfit in seconds. And make you feel that touch more special. Plus, you don’t need to spend $$$ in order to get the look. Here’s how we’re doing it this winter.

Forget boring outfits this season. Experiment and have fun with fashion with our top 6 winter style tips. If there was ever a good time to dress up and feel great about ourselves, we think celebrating the end of 2020 is a pretty good reason. What do you think!?

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