Stella McCartney Rocks Your Socks and Shoes Off


You thought I was joking about the return of the onesie. (Okay I was, at the time.) But it has arrived! Or at least something close. PSFK spotted these Stella McCartney pumps connected to tights. On the one hand, they have a pair of built-in heels that complement the style of these fabulous tights perfectly – one less article to worry about. Still, I can’t decide if they would make life easier or more difficult.

How would you wash them? And how long would it take to get them on and off? If you don’t wear shoes in the house, would you have to take off the whole shebang when you got in the door? How awkward would that be?

My onesie prediction came true so I’m going to keep the prophecies coming. Stay on the lookout for the slipbag-shants, the slipper-handbag-shirt-pants combination, in the future. It’s going to be hot. Just putting it out there…

If you’re a Stella McCartney fan, make sure to add it to your preferences. Just log in to your account and click Women’s Clothing – Brands. Then select the All Brands tab and scroll all the way down to the “S” section.