Staying Warm In Vegan Coats

We have Trendsetters who specialize in everything from stylish parenting to men’s fashion.  Today I want to share The Girlie Girl Army with you, one of our Trendsetters who focuses on eco-design, green, and cruelty-free fashion.

Given that winter is nearing, I sometimes hear the term “vegan coat” tossed around.  I turned to the ethical fashion expert, Chloe from The Girly Girl Army, to first clarify and ensure I best understand what vegan clothing is.  She told me, “A vegan coat is cruelty-free; meaning free of wool, fur, leather, and silk,” and pointed me to this resource on cruelty-free fashion:

The below post from highlights some great vegan coat options (many of the brands are  also featured on Shop It To Me)… [Click here](A vegan coat is cruelty-free; meaning free of wool, fur, leather, and silk. Cruelty-free fashion: ) to view the original post, or view it below.  Shared with permission by Chloe Jo of (Your Glamazon Guide to Green Living).


Vegan Coat Round up!

More to come lovebugs, but here’s one of more coming lists (in addition to those we list weekly on the newsletter) for the vegan coat seekers.  Until very glamorous Vaute Couture coats are available, we’ll have to settle for these broads;


Steve Madden does it Vegan-style.


A 50’s moment from Tulle

  • Extra-soft faux rabbit fur coat for those of you transitioning out of animal fur.
  • Fall in line with the clearest of seas in this vibrant trench by Tulle. Glove length sleeves and an on-trend funnel neck add an unexpected spark to blustery fall days. Dress it up or down, but don’t leave home without it.
  • Date ready swing coat.  So very Mary Tyler Moore.


The Frida by Cheap Monday

The Frida by Cheap Monday

  • Easy grey peacoat with faux fur collar that will keep you warmer than Cayenne Pepp.
  • Old Navy has the craziest selection of Vegan Coats (all but those noted “wool blend” are v).  Definitely not well made, but will do the trick in a pinch.
  • Our favorite of the bunch; the Cheap Monday Frida Coat.  A perfect blend of casual, warm, and fabulous.