Spring Trends You Can Wear Now

Don’t Wait Until Spring to Grab These Lewks!

Yes, we’re talking about Spring already! Because we all know it will come around faster than we think and to be honest, we’re looking forward to the warmer weather and a change from all the sweats (ok not all of them – we love the sweats, really).

So – what are the biggest looks for the new spring season?

Let’s look at the most wearable and versatile trends and, in particular, the spring looks that we can start to wear right now. Because, let’s face it, we don’t like to wait.

Bright & Bold Pink

A seriously good spring color to start adding to your closet right now is pink. This season, the pinks are hot and bright and they’re making a bold statement – that we’re really into.

We think this color trend is going to be very popular this season. One reason? Everyone wants some happiness! There is a serious amount of doom and gloom across the globe when you look at the news and social media and there are a lot of serious issues to face. However, when it comes to fashion, we have a feeling that trends like this are popping up to help us maintain a touch of optimism. Even if it’s just through our closets.

Style this color as early as you like because, why on earth not! Right!?

Zero-Restriction Denim

If the last few months has taught us anything about fashion, it might be to embrace the comfort we have grown to love! Sweats, knits and loungewear have been HUGE over the fall and winter period. Mainly because everyone has been staying home more than ever before. And, to be totally honest, we’ve gotten used to the comfort!

If you don’t want to give that up for spring – and we don’t blame you – then this denim trend is going to suit you.

Think oversized, slouchy and unrestricting denim for 2021. Comfortable denim. But still very cool.

Our jeans are our most versatile wardrobe staples, so there’s no reason why you can’t start wearing these looks right now.

Monochromatic Romance

If you’re not huge on color but you’re into bold looks, this is the one for you. Monochrome is a ‘lewk’ this season and it’s all about simple black and white pieces that pack a punch.

Think half and half dresses, stripes and checkerboard prints for bold looks that you can definitely slip into right now.

Oversized Button Downs

Now, this is a versatile trend. And that we love.

This spring, we’ll be seeing oversized, super-slouchy button-down shirts – a lot. Wear them with tailoring or just with tights – however you style them, they’re the perfect balance between comfort and work-appropriate. So, whether you’re in the office or still working on Zoom, you’ll look the part while still feeling super chill.

This look is all about the “I borrowed this from him” vibes. So, opt for oversized cuts or simply size up – and up and up. The bigger, the better.

Bold Shoulder Reboot

We wanted to include this look in our spring trends blog because we saw this lots last year – which means, if you already invested, you can start pulling these pieces back out of your summer 2020 closet.

This ‘80s-inspired vibe is all about the statement puff shoulders. Be it dresses, tops or shirts, the shoulder is the focus. And it’s not about being shy or subtle. So, go for it.

Style this right now with leather pants or simple straight cut jeans or pair up dresses with this season’s super chunky black biker boots.

Rainbow and Beachy Prints

This print trend is all about escaping what’s going on in the world right now – even if it’s just for a second with our outfit. It’s all about fun, bright colors and statement prints and patterns that evoke a sense of the summer, freedom and the beach.

Think tropical prints, seashells, huge summer flowers, rainbows and ocean-inspired prints and you can’t go wrong.

If you want to style up this trend early, just wear your beach prints under an oversized blazer or pair them up with some leather for a contrast that feels super modern and on-trend.

Net Details

For our final spring trend to try now, we’ve picked one of the less versatile and more ‘for aesthetics’ trends we’ve seen creeping up a lot for the new season. Netting.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s not quite as weird as it sounds. And it looks good.

This trend is all about the texture of the fabrics and layering. So, whether it’s a top or a dress, get experimental with how you layer the pieces. It could go over a simple skin-tone bodysuit for a real ‘90s vibe or it could layer over an oversized button-down shirt for a very high-fashion look.

If you’re over your fall and winter wardrobe and are craving some updates, these trends are the biggest looks for spring and summer 2021 so they’re a great place to start! Keep your eyes peeled on the Shop It To Me brand list because not only do we have some incredible brands packed with all these spring trends, but we are adding more EVERY WEEK.

If you don’t see one of your favorites on our list, hit us up and let us know about it!!

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