Spring Splurge

mademoisellerobot_logoIt’s breaking into the 70s outside in San Francisco later this week. Spring at last! Our Trendsetter Mademoiselle Robot* guest blogs for us on her first splurge of the season. She’s a Parisian living in London with a vintage-meets-modern sense of style, and her blog is full of adventurous outfit inspiration. (She was also recently featured in a Parisian newspaper** – très excitant!) Here’s her take on spurge-worthy investments this spring.*

With every new season comes a brand new craving for novelty and there are always a few pieces pieces that just have to be mine. Recently I have been trying to tame the shopping monster in me and think more in terms of building a coherent wardrobe. So each season, I will try and splurge on one or two pieces that will be at the core of my outfits. This Spring I am very much into muted tones, ’70s style and denim so I will try to “invest” in something that belongs in one of these three categories. The safest items to spend money on are accessories. Unlike clothes, there is no chance they won’t fit you anymore in 10 years. A good pair of shoes or a beautiful bag will never go out of fashion, and more importantly will never make you look fat.
After doing a quick wardrobe analysis and a good browse around shops, I came to the conclusion that I really needed a new pair of sandals. After all, I only have 5, and they all are fairly old so I owe it to myself to get some more. Of all the shoes I have seen for Spring, my favourites are A.P.C. platforms. They are totally versatile, really well made, and all in all not that expensive for a splurge (about £150). A.P.C. is a brand I wasn’t that keen on in my younger years as I decided it was too “basic” for me, but I have learned to appreciate more minimal designs, and their ubiquitous powers… which is a convoluted way for me to say that I now LOVE A.P.C.! Provided I could afford it, I would make their whole Spring collection my splurge!apc-sandals